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Originally posted by Mr.BloodSpit@Dec 24 2005, 11:00 PM

I write graffiti, and listen to Slayer.

I guess I'm not cultured properly..........

Fuck out my face.



Actually you are the cliche writer - I would say about 70% of writers these days are just like you. In fact you're type is so common place its boring watching you compete with each other about how ironic or how savage you can be -


"duuuuuude I listen to herpes metal death core from a pedaphile gang of Nazis from Rawanda and I listen to them whilke I'm drinking really shitty beer, talking shit about anything not exactly like my pedophile music and wearing really tight clothing like a balerina, but the ballerina is from HELL!"

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Slayer i.e. Reign In Blood

And I'm a Nyc Mid 90's era writer

Not you truck driver hat wearing screamo fag looking crybabies, with your lip pierced and the Hawthorne Heights on blast in your wanna be 50's rebuilts.

I was making the statement that you don't need to pump Kurtis Blow and Spin on your fuckin head to do graf.

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Originally posted by 26SidedCube@Dec 25 2005, 12:34 AM

Oh yeah, I hate people who dress how you think a breakdancer would dress. Ecko tanktops and sweat bands aren't cool asshole, blow me.


I hate cats that rock wrist bands for no reason. Like if you aint doin mills and tearin your arms up, why u need a band on it? to be cool?

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Originally posted by SpyD@Dec 24 2005, 02:38 PM

You fools need to get schooled:

Popping is part of what they call FUNK STYLES. There really is no such thing as 'Pop-locking'. Locking is a completely different dance with its own moves and such. 'Popping' has many styles (tutting, waving, bot, snaking,strobing, etc) and moves within those styles. So does locking. Bboying, or "Breakdancing" as the popular culture calls it is also a seperate dance with its own styles and moves. I'm a bboy, but I know alot of Funk Stylists.

Yeah, so basically, Mams is the only person on here who can say something like this and not be gay by default.


And I'd like to echo pretty much everything King Bling said (subculture genre specification can suck a dick. They are breakdancing as far as I care).


I do feel bad for D0WN, though. It's all love round here, even when you are getting clowned into the ground.

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I remember there was this guy named SpyD on my old west coast videos. In one of them, he did flares with rollerblades on. Fucking rollerblades. I think it was on one of the older Freestyle Session videos.


Moogle: Florida loves uprocking. I'm not good at it, but it's way too fucking fun to not do.


Chronos! Yeah!!!! ;) You might be a bboy...


Breaklyn Rock is the stupidest word ever created.

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