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Holiday Chilled Express


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I gotta say, this photo looks suspect, and not because it's a great shot, but it seems flawed in some areas.


The heat comming off the locos is just too much, and the autos looks off, further down the line.


I know you edit heavily with most of your stuff, so I find myself questioning a lot of these kinds of flicks of yours.

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{Removed was the misunderstood responce}


That winter Canadian Pacific Railway

GE ES44AC Gevo was shot at

Sistonens Corners Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

That stunning image was shot with a highend camera...NO RETOUCHING was Involved..

only compression sofware{Image ready} to make it small enough for the internet,

When you shoot images with one of them newer 8.o megapixal cameras with good glass-

your pictures will pick up every detail with out fail..


May Santa bring you all the slammin boxed goods to a yard near you....



Happy Holidays & a prosperious New Year!!

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:haha: :haha: LOL :haha: :haha:


You're killin me Artistik


Golden Touch-


Who the fuck even cares if it was some how edited. IT LOOKS GOOD....bottom line. Cameras can't always capture what was seen or felt at the time. Editing pics becomes a means of expressing what was really goin down when a flick was takin. Stop hatin and enjoy.


Peice....Merry Christmas Metal Head massive....



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you came to me....


if you got what it takes then come with it......

I will dig in my ass & pull out some gems...
















Like these Gevo's??


































Wedge shots are the norm...

Hold on wait, #199 is going past my window as we type...

My scanner says its 117 Holyrollers.. bound to the Ford plant in Cottage Grove St Paul..

Trains 24-7 son ....I get girls But naked to the sound of the dispatcher moving trains on scanner...LOL


Got no beef with anybody.... Goldentouch no love lost homie...

I felt you were being hateful... Misunderstanding.

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great fucking derail shot!!, the suspect pic in question was my favourite one of the post. the way i look at it a little bit of manipulation is like doing a bit of playing around in the darkroom with B&W. alot of great 35mm shot get exposed alittle bit more or less in certain areas to make a better print. just a different approach with didital. sometimes its all about the developing, i'm still a 35mm junkie.

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