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acetate is kinda of like thin plastic shhets. like Flowing Away said, its like like the stuff they out on overhead projectors. google it.

u can usually find it at an art supply store or you can order big sheets/rollls of it.


yea i hope SR is back soon too. should be alot faster when it gets back. it wont screw up everytime there are alot of people on it anymore. i hppe that it doesnt turn into something like the .eps exchange or something with it "coming soon" on it for months. but i have this strange feeling that when SR is back the .eps exchange will be up and running. just a suspiscion though...


lets see some more pics from the SR heads. i should have some more shortly.

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This is my first attempt at making a stencil design. I followed the steps from the SR website. Just an idea and a pic I had laying around. I'll post the pic I made it off of as well as the stencil itself. Lemme know what you think and gimme some pointers as this is the first time I've ever messed with stencils.

BTW...when it's done I hope to size this one to an 8 x 11.


Thanx and peace.



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Would some one be kind enough to help me out with layered stencils i have seen the tut on stencil revolution but it is quite complex and i have no idea.


What i am talking about is like the frankenstein one posted on this page that sort of more than one colour thing.


Thanks pm me if your willing to help via email or msn or whatever cheers.

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Originally posted by [mania�

,Dec 20 2005, 05:08 PM]

dosa312: looks good but u wouldnt be able to tell that ther's a fist if the original images wasnt right next to it. thats really the only thing id change. keep on cuttin 'em out.



RD fucking killing it. amazing shit. uppin the quality of 12oz stencils.


Good lookin out... I'll see if I cant tweak it to make the fist visible... maybe make it a 3 color grey scale.

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that site is still down


on the layered stuff is it best to let the base coat dry first


then apply another stencil, or use the first stencil to apply another color


then let dry and apply another stencil to add highlights n stuff.


That frankenstein is dope, looks like a 4 layer jam maybe 5.


Any tips on how to make the layering process quicker would be


appreciated. kudos on your work rd top quality/.

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Originally posted by ..::RD::..@Dec 20 2005, 10:01 PM




RD, i've been in the stencil scene for about a month now but i haven't experimented with effects yet. How do you do such clean blends/fades or whatever you call them and with the slatter thing do you use the paper method? And where do you get all those records?

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Originally posted by [mania?

,Dec 19 2005, 11:10 PM]

INSOM: that first one is awesome, handrawn isnt it?


haha RD is on 12oz too. driven here since SR has been down? nice stencil. i was wondering, do u use an exacto or one of those heat tools? i thought that u said u used some sorta heat tool for that frankenstein piece. and those stickers look similar to that. awesome work.


thanks, yea its hand drawn.

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