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Originally posted by ego maniac@Dec 8 2005, 08:22 PM

Hell yes... Cisco is what we

call A MuthaFuckin CREEPER.....

an cheap as fuck too...

ughhhhh man, Alls I remember is drinkin an orange

one, skatin fer like 2 seconds..

an peukin orange fer like 12///


shit is no joke.

taste like dung too....



you need to get the black cherry one!

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my favorite flavors:



black cherry


flavors that suck suck but i will drink anyway:

peach (this flavor sucks because it lacks the syruppy flavors that knocks out whatever else is in it that makes it cisco)




does anyone know what is in cisco?

it tastes like nyquil or something but i have always wondered what that extra ingredient is that adds its gulliness

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Fortified wine is awesome. Reminds me of 10th grade. Peer pressuring each other to drink MD out of a paper bag. But do not fuck with the lemon ice flavored one, its raw.


Also: I'm all about the Night Train. I was at a party once and this obnoxious bird brought "boones farm" we ended up mixing it with vodka, wasn't bad. Hangover city though...

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about a year ago i remember going to two shows in san francisco, a couple of shitty bars and finally ending up at my old bar... last thing i remember is telling the bartender (for the 164th time) how much of a crush i have on her and that i wished she wasn't gay...


wake up the next day back in the east bay, with a bad hangover and more money in my pockets than i left with...


i found this when i walked into the kitchen:



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