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Umm yeah....Chad Rap full of Crap

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Yeah, been a while, but tonight I tried to entertain myself at the bar by trying to fight this guy (Chad Rapp?) I guess, so we go outside and this dude is like pushing 300+. So's Im like "O.K. fuck it, i'm game"...dude is swingin' and huffin', really trying to hit me, LOL, sorry...and i'm like " Whatever, this is weak." So's I let the guy rip my shirt off, slide out of it, and he's there standing with one of my work undershrits in his hand like "WHAT! WHAT!" And i'm thinkin' "Maybe I shouldn't beat this guy cause he works here, in the only bar near my house, with a pool table, and I can get tabs till Payday there...so's i'm like "What ever man Its' ALL you." So he's like "Yeah, fuck this dude"

J.G.'s like "What ever?" And they go inside. So I follow and hang in the stairwell listening to Chad Crapp talk all this shit...the usually "man, you should have seen it!...Man He's a faggot!...Man, i'm the MAN!!...Anyway he starts talking about paint, and then I open the door and Im like "what the fuck are you sayin'?"... He starts..."Ah man, i'm NSF, what the fuck!" So i'm looking at 'em thinking "I've never seen this guy on Semple?" He's like "Yeah, yeah...I'm a fuckin' writer!" Bartenders like "Case just leave, i'll see you tomorrow" So....to Nise, 21, Crowns, Joey-Oe, Yelp, Evil, Ono, Dev, Stu-E, Reke, Nude, Jake, Brandon, and all the 369...sorry for bringin' it to your boy, but man he is WEAK!


-Allah Akbar

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