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R.I.P. Avers

waldo merfie

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RIP Lee, even on the other side of the world now everytime I see a boarder, some graf, a big bottle, someone with hair or a poster on the street(see? all the time) I think about you and the wonderful links between you and others and all the fun times at the Dynamo, on the roof, at the Loft, In Montreal. You always left us some tags so we wouldn't forget you and they're never going to go away, so many memories, so many locales you brought some fun to. You told me all the time to "get happy" because you cared. Damn all the good ones go first, but you're not all gone, never will be.

You're a daily inspiration, loving life, loving everybody and complete openess, you're so rare. So cozy, so family.


Mire and mom and dad adn Alison, stay strong girl and remember your big big family is still here.

my email for you (In in Bulgaria right now) pigeonprojects{at}gmail{dot}com


Don't worry about knocking before you go through the door to the stude Avers and come back to visit anytime.


Love Love Two Love Three



thanks for the photos everyone.

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he was one of the first young heads that did simples, in

my opinion, that were really dope. one day on the train

i saw i think 4 fresh panels at different spots, thats how i

first saw his shit.


i didnt know him, but its weird. ive ran into him in yards

and hed wave. seemed like he wouldnt be a toy so id

wave back.



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Yo - I need high-res (1 mb or higher) flicks of Avers graf for a tribute spread in Under Pressure magazine ( http://www.underpressure.ca/ ). Frieghts, walls, doddles, anything - plus i need pictures of the Lee Side tirbute wall. Please help, I need to get this in ASAP and I don't have many flicks of his shit and I just lost my digi cam (in fact, Decmeber as a month is terrible). E-mail all images to rhekone@gmail.com and please repost this, tell people about it etc.

Rest In Peace my brother....






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I hate hearing about people that are geniunely good people being taken way before thier time.


RIP Lee.


Vancouver has lost a few writers over the years but this one was tragic.

I only met him a few times and the guy was a stand up artists and would do anything for anyone.

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Never met the guy, but I knew a few people who where friends with him.

When I realized that he was the guy who was in the news, the first thing that came to mind was they would always joke about him "painting rainbows".

After reading the good words here, its sort of seems fitting. RIP.

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