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R.I.P. Avers

waldo merfie

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Honest and Insightful.

A, no pressure, easy to connect with human being that made the world a better place. You will be missed in all the smallest corners and wide open spaces.

Respect to Nugget and the rest of his family in this tragic time.





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We always got into litle arguments about shit.

But thats cuz i like to argue


i remeber the first time i met Lee. We where all kicking it at Seko's crib. Raps bumpin' talking graffiti and life. Drinking our forties. a quik trip to the Seven11 to rack some snacks.

Some how Lee an i got into an argument. Who knows what?! hahah..

Next thing you know we go out and hit this roof top on hastings.

"Over the windows OVER THE WINDOWS!"


Many great memories to follow.


Transit strike.


Whitler trips.


and on and on and on....


Fun times!


Much Love!

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Lee Matasi loved art and hated guns.


Young Vancouver artist gunned down outside a Richards Street nightclub

Skateboarder Lee Matasi, 23, 'despised guns'


Friends of weekend murder victim Lee Matasi honour his memory with spray-painted murals and candles in a tunnel used by skateboarders under Hastings Street near Cassiar in Vancouver.



The 23-year-old Vancouver skateboarder -- the driving force behind Leeside skateboard park near the PNE -- was shot dead early Saturday outside a nightclub in the 300-block Richards Street.


"Lee despised guns," his grieving mother, Susan Jessop, said through her tears yesterday.


"We heard that he might have taken offence that someone else had a gun, and then that person shot him.


"I don't get it. This isn't supposed to happen in Vancouver."


A few hours earlier, Matasi had gone out for sushi with his mom and sister, Alison, also a renowned skateboarder.


He left his family to attend the opening of a friend's art exhibit. Afterward, the friends went out to celebrate.


"They met someone who took exception to the fact that they were happy," said Matasi's uncle, Bruce Jessop. "The next thing you know, Lee was dead.


"It's an injustice.


"Lee died the opposite way of how he lived. He was soft-spoken and easy-going. He never had a bad word for anybody."


Police said the 28-year-old gunman fired a handgun into the air before striking Matasi and then shooting him.


The alleged shooter was found in an alley about two blocks away and was in custody last night. The gun was found in a nearby dumpster.


Matasi's mother said her son "would never hurt a fly."


"He wanted to be an artist since he was six years old," she said, breaking into tears.


"He wasn't a scholar, but he had just graduated from art school. He saw that art made life beautiful and he did what he could."


Matasi's work can be seen in murals around the city, including one at the corner of Broadway and Yukon. He was hoping to continue his art training in France, and planned to travel there with his long-time girlfriend.


While he was still a student at Templeton Secondary, Matasi began a project to convert a garbage-filled drainage pipe beneath Hastings Street into a skateboard park.


The popular boarding spot is


now called Leeside.


"It was nothing and he made it into a place you wanted to be," said friend Carlos Adams. "He was that way. He inspired people. He was never into violence. He stayed away from that kind of stuff."


Another pal, Jay Lamarche, said Matasi had many friends.


"He was a proactive skateboarder," he said. "This was his community and he was friends with everybody. He was really doing good things."


Yesterday, candles and flowers lined the graffiti-adorned walls at Leeside. Wet spray paint tributes to "Avers" -- Matasi's tag name -- coated the walls.


"This is our dedication to him," said 'boarder Ivan Pelen. "This is how we're remembering him and what he was to us."


Matasi's family will never forget his final words to his sister Alison.


"He told her to be safe," said his mother. "He hugged her and then he left.


"That was the last time we saw him."

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Rest in Peace Avers... I wish we could have painted, or hung out more. He seemed like such an awesome person the few times we did chill. They guy always had a genuine smile on his face. Who gets shot in Vancouver?! Seriously...only 16 homicides so far this year and Lee off all fucking people gets shot.



Foto from the last time I saw him, he'd just given my can of neon orange to Nugget to do this hot Nugz burner...

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i dont really know what to say, except we lost a real good person. i dont think ive ever met anyone who has said anything bad about lee. i wish i could have knew him better, i just mentioned that to komes last week... now its too late. i wish we could have travelled around together, he seemed like the perfect guy to do that with.


goodbye lee.


ilijc wanted me to say the same thing on his behalf. and to thank you for your hospitality when you offered to show him around the city when you didnt even know him at all. something that might seem insignificant, but to him it meant alot.

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RIP Lee, even on the other side of the world now everytime I see a boarder, some graf, a big bottle, someone with hair or a poster on the street(see? all the time) I think about you and the wonderful links between you and others and all the fun times at the Dynamo, on the roof, at the Loft, In Montreal. You always left us some tags so we wouldn't forget you and they're never going to go away, so many memories, so many locales you brought some fun to. You told me all the time to "get happy" because you cared. Damn all the good ones go first, but you're not all gone, never will be.

You're a daily inspiration, loving life, loving everybody and complete openess, you're so rare. So cozy, so family.


Mire and mom and dad adn Alison, stay strong girl and remember your big big family is still here.

my email for you (In in Bulgaria right now) pigeonprojects{at}gmail{dot}com


Don't worry about knocking before you go through the door to the stude Avers and come back to visit anytime.


Love Love Two Love Three


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