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boston's sketch thread


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when did learning your history stop being part of writing?...



and why cant motherfuckers learn the fuck how to type?... ill let the occasional abbreviation/intentionally misspelled to save time type thing slide..... but for fucks sake i cant understand why purposely spelling words like complete fucking douchebag is appealing to anyone at all....

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well it was influenced by spek, lesn, and a few others, but i just wanted to see if it was a style worth pursueing, and i guess its not, so ill just try something else

You're influenced by Lesn?





*Harlem Shake*"Eh-Eh....Eh-Eh"*Harlem Shake*


^P.Diddy dance.

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I'm quite proud that Earthworm Jim's post didn't spark (no pun intended) retarded flaming.


Though, i have a strong theory that whatever vibe the first response has, the rest will follow with the same.


If it wasn't for the stupid flaming and hating, i'd share my ideas as well.

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Did you even read the shit I posted? He's from the Bronx dumbass. How far is that from you?


And I don't usually say shit about names but Phase 2 is a legend and his name isn't to be used I don't care if you stick a Z in place of the S and 3 in place of the 2, have some respect for a true pioneer already.


when i was a kid, people would school us (me, writers in general) to our face on shit like this, and it was real. you would almost think a kid nowadays on here would have known about phase2 already.

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