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boston's sketch thread


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nah dude theres hope, steal the children at birth, we shall raise them to know nothing but the destruction of cities

Whose children? (Or is it who's children...?)


Whatever, I'm anxious to see what Boston has to offer 5-10 years from now. Fuck that, not even Boston; the whole state in general. I think it's real strange that a lot of the new, younger writers that I've met HATE drawing. And fools are all like "Nah man, I 'freestyle' my shit." Fucking GARBAGE.... What's more fucked up is that there are dudes who are old enough to buy beer that still suck.


I'm going to go ahead and blame skateboarding,


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this is why i barely post shit online, im a regular in the toy forum and i get so pissed at kids like, "i need to try wildstyle to get better at it" NO YOU DONT, SIMPLES SIMPLES SIMPLES.... when i get bored, i walk the tracks, i scope spots, 12oz only shows people so much, i dont wanna seem cocky or anything, but im only 17 and im well on my way to getting a lot better.... the REAL way, 12oz doesnt introduce you too other good writers, or show you the up close details and things that need to be seen, so make like toys and go out and play

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a few people are gonna look at this and just laugh, but im going to be dead serious here...



a lot of Boston writers, slew down fell or just retired, a lot haven't, and wont for awhile, but it seem that the scene in our city is slow crumbling, everyones interst is seeing what the next decade has to offer for the next generation, there are a few star players elevating up into their place, but a few isnt enough for a whole city, if your a toy or just not the best, seriously, get the fuck off your computer and take a fucking walk, there are historical spots that cant even be scoped without being arrested...why? 12oz, yes its a good site, nice to share photos, but save the damn info for pm or in person... names getting dropped and spots being blown is bad fucking news, and stick to the unwritten laws, dont go tag a house or a fucking school, i swear to god i will cross you the fuck out, i dont care if your fucking cope2.... stop being idiots, dont go to a spot and paint your name 50,000 times doing a handstyle around everyones shit, you dont know them, and they dont like you, and dont scribble your bright yellow wack OTR marker every 5 fucking feet, we get it, you wanna get up, but your exposing where you stay...


toys, you are the future of boston, dont kill it for everyone, learn the ropes before you swing, or your gonna end up getting caught, or getting beaten, dont think about shit too much, when your worried about getting caught, you will, just be cool, and go about your lifestyle.... dont tag your own fucking shit, and dont flaunt your skills, all your doing is spreading word of who you are to everyone, cool people, hott girlls yes, they will love it, but snitches will find out too, and knowing a uyoung idiot, you havent learned not to give up your friends, because noone beat you hard enough yet... im fucking 17 and still a toy, but please trust me on these facts... ive been stomped, cans takin, arrested, and chilled at spots that dont even exist anymore, so take it from a graffer who isnt 12 oz educated that 12oz isnt graffiti school, its a fucking showcase.... knowledge comes from experience, not teh interwebs

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