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YouTube - Broadcast yourself


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You have seen most of these before - now they are just easier to access! Go to YouTube, browse and share your favorites.


Screaming news reporter (grapes)




Nutrigrain - I feel great


Two legged dog


Minor Threat - It Follows Me/Screaming at a wall


Mouthpiece - Cinder


Subway graffiti - not sure what this is from


Kimbo Slice!


Fugazi - waiting room


Ninja skills


Chimpanzee robot


Sleepy cabbie


Kraftwerk - Old video from 1977


David Brent dancing


Kaws blitz


Exorcist spider walk

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And if your into all the violence/fights videos there are some good ones up there, Like this guy getting knocked the fuck out


Osoma clip from Family Guy that got edited off


Everything is ungodly - Marguerite Perrin - that crazy fat women from trading spouses


God Warrior - Marguerite Perrin again


Marguerite Perrin on Leno


.. come on peoples

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Originally posted by diggity@Dec 1 2005, 12:05 AM





Holy shit! Nice find.


Here's another Kimbo Slice video I found on google - Kimbo vs Sean Gannon - its pretty old.


Superfriends - This Place Sucks


Unleash The Bastards - Municipal Waste


Zach Galifiankis - Asian roommate

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I was expecting to find all sorts of 18-25 year old college girls with webcams getting naked or at leat flashing their tits on this thing. I searched for 'boobs', 'boob', 'flash', 'flasher', 'boobies', 'tits', 'nip', and 'nipple' only to find some shitty porn intros and celebrity nip-slips. Thumbs down.


Yeah, high-powered machine guns and uncensored fights are pretty cool... but personally I'd rather see some drunk titty action.

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