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27 snitched when he was 14. That was many years ago, and although I can't blame the snitchees for holding a grudge, I wish they would get over it already-or at least refrain from talkin about it on a daily basis. You guys were never salty about it until he started gettin fame, so what does that say? 27 did his time, and by continuously following him around the message board "warning" everyone about him and making salty remarks you are acting juvenile. Stop trying to defame him, no one gives a fuck-just let this kid live. He puts in CRAZY work, has more balls than most, and is probably more knowledgeable than any freight writer in our city. All 7 or 8 of you made this kids life miserable for about 6 years, its time to move on. I am not 27, but I know the guy and he is cool and wouldnt make that mistake again.

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