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The turbo car thread

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Well would you look at that, DHABZ put a big ass turbo in his car yesterday. The hang up I ran into is needing to reconfigure my upper intercooler piping and use 2x 90* elbows to make the hot pipe connect to the compressor outlet.


I was looking at pictures on google image search and was linked into this thread. :)



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I've considered several times that that would be a cool idea to do. 4.0L inline 6 with a turbo would be pretty cool. Here's an LSX Jeep that seems to be pretty cool.... but IMO it needs boost.



I'm rarely impressed with a vehicle that doesn't run boost after getting into cars. Here's a picture of my current setup in my same Red 1g DSM I've had for years:




Turbo's good for about 70lb/min on the compressor.

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What's your Jeep?


I recently did the 3.4 swap into my 94 Toyota.

One of the guys that helped me with it has the same swap in his forerunner, but turboed (not supercharged) it and is pushing 450 hp... race truck status for sure.


I might look into supercharging mine once I get rid of some other debt.

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So, a small update on my car. The bigger turbo rips like you wouldn't believe. I used my last quarterly bonus to buy a Quaife ATB and almost have that installed in the transmission. I'm doing all the work myself as I recently learned how to rebuild transmissions and purchased the tools to do so in my garage. The biggest part of it is a shop press to push the bearing races off the gear clusters.


I should have some good go pro videos of racing "on the mexican highway" soon to share.


I also purchased a 1989 Dodge Colt GT last month that's fully built with a turbo on it good for about 500hp when it's turned up. It's on low boost right now because it needs to be tuned still and I'm focusing on the red car. The colt looks like this:




It's a little shit box that makes way too much horsepower and tries to switch three lanes from torque steer when boost comes on.

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Popped a spring off of a 4-puck sprung clutch the other day. Ordered an ACT 6 puck unsprung that will be here in a few days. I think the car is making around 450hp to the wheels now and the Quaife LSD feels fantastic in a FWD.

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Picking up a 2000 Civic EX turbo that my friend was about to donate to a charity.... I couldn't let him do that because I'm not a hippy. It needs to be tuned better than it is now because it cannot hold boost until redline but I'll get that fixed up and document some of this honda garbage here when I'm done.

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Wow nice man!! My friend in Dallas had one with a T-25 in it and that thing was stupid fun to drive. You have the year model I've wanted for a long time too.


Can you tell more about the car? Did you buy it like that, what upgrades have you done if any? Horsepower output, tuning software, etc?


I dunno how much you want to nerd out on your car but the cam angle sensor on it uses the same cam angle sensor a DSM has so you can use any of the software that a DSM uses (which is very plentiful and advanced as far as stock ecu tuning is concerned).

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