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Write4Gold 2006


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"what are you retarded warfare?"


i don't tolerate the way you speak to me... because i didn'tdisrespected and i ain't a toy...


I think those swedish guys are good enough to quit them if they want, if you know a bit about this crew you would know they make it on purpose.


Another thing, in fact the french writers ( which are my friends) won the battle but had a beef with the organisation, that's why it's written fuck write for gold on their piece, so they didn't win because of the beef.

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i like the one with drips. its a good piece its better than what i can do up to this point, and i understand that drips happen. i get them all the time when i use krylon. but i take the time to fix them. the point that i am tring to make is that this shit is a total joke. all those cans went to the wrong cats. and it pisses me off. drips shouldnt win.

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im not saying shit about who won and who should have, however the whole drips arguement is weak....you can be the cleanest mother fucker in the world but if you bite the shit out of played out graff styles then thats not really worthy of note, hey props to those who rock old school styles well and props if you love it. thing is that comps like this should be more about ideas and innovation, drips or not, if you burn you burn. technique is important, but style is moreso.

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Originally posted by assflea@Dec 4 2005, 12:25 PM

i do like the wall but come on " who cares about the drips?" :)

i think if they are going to winn all them cans they should be able to use them proper.


shit how can a wall with fucking drips win? you tell me. like i said the french team was robbed.


drips? man, there's more to graffiti than anally retentive technical productions. those swedish guys painted that production with fat caps. that takes alot more skill than cutting everything back with skinnies

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I think the reason why the swedish guys has won the competition in

2004 are the scandinavian originality they show us at this day. I think

the dutch OD Wall is nice but didnt stand for original dutch graffiti, they are really good but its not enough to get the title at this final

day. No doubt about the french guys, theyre wall is nice too, but i cant

find a nice conversation of the them masters of style. Check the con-

versation of the swedish walls, with kings and toy graphics, good idea.


In my opinion the mce guys has done in 2004 a good wall which is

worth to get the title, but in 2005 the wall not reach the level of the

2004 final wall.


Im, personally like the hungarian, german and italian wall a lot



Hungarian Wall W4G 2005 Final


German Wall W4G 2005 Final


Italian Wall W4G 2005 Final




next year we put some new at the final,


the KO Qualifyingsfor the european crews, to qualify for the next days

worldwide competition.


4th august 2006 Pre-Elimination Europe (Group A,B and C)

5th august 2006 Worldwide Final (Group D)


The 2006 runners-up were drawn in group A,B,C and the final Group D.The European Groups A,B and C run as KO Groups. 2 Crews of each Group can qualify to the Final Group D.



The Winner Crews of the Groups A,B and C expect special Winner Prizes and the qualification to the World Final Group D. Soon you get informations here.



While the current title holder France have been placed in Group D along with the Winners of the Write4Gold South Africa, New Zealand,USA and Japan, because they are automatically qualified to the worldwide final.




The Groups are divided in geographical basis.


European Elimination


Group A Eastern Europe/South-East Europe 4th August 2006 (splash!)

Group B Middle-Europe/South Europe 4th August 2006 (splash!)

Group C Northern Europe/North-West Europe 4th August 200 (splash!)

Group D Worldwide Final Group 5th August 2006 (splash!)


Check more about it,here



Furthermore, next judges confirmed,




ad20129385.jpg Opak in Action...


Other Judges,here



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Originally posted by prisma404@Dec 12 2005, 05:22 AM

yea i said it




dope statement :clown2:



To have an event in your area please contact contact@write4gold.info


Please introduce us with your ideas, and we will check the possibilities,

its not easy to find adequate venues for write4gold, we need space in

walls, a local promoter and some ideas to convert the categories.


And about the writers who dont wanna participate in the competition?

Who cares, its up to everyone, nobody ask, somebody register..


And how comes, that really active crews like THE from Rome, AODS

from copenhagen, BK from Hamburg, KGM from Moscow, PNC or

GLK from Budapest, SFN or LIFO´s from Athens, MUTANTS from

Bratislava, TOP from Prague, OCT or LE CREW from France, USH

from Poland or XTRA LARGOS from Spain participate, all of them

very skilled writers who have fun in the competition, thats all about!



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you obviously dont know shit about swedish graffiti if your going on about drips its their style and its fucking fresh all the other walls look similar and have style yes, but the swedish have style and are original. also the writers on that wall have smashed it. if you dont know shit zip it

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I'm going the fuck insane


First there's overwhelming whineage over this event being legal, mainstream, european etc not real graff whatever... maybe it's many people and not just one opinion, sorry but I must say a few things here.


People bitch about drips. There are rules, no drips? who made this rule? In scandinavia and across the world there has developed a mindset that doesn't give a fuck about rules.


You are basically whining about breaking the laws of an illegal subculture which, in this case isn't even illegal and not part of the subculture, but a part of folk art. I can't fit my small brain, why an illegal artform/sport should have rules if it's illegal in the first place.


Then again, is this is only folk art if it's legal...? All participants are known writers, some are known to bomb like lunatics and write on subways.. also some have degrees in art/design etc: making it definately more than folk art by definition. According to some of you, in this case the only thing that apparently doesn't make it graffiti is the fact that it is legal.


I know what you mean by saying that true graffiti is rugged and illegal - I agree, I myself like tags over any production anywhere. but you can't in your right mind take this event out of the context of graffiti just because it has a legal permission to happen. the participants, the tools and the blurred stylistical "themes" are there. It's not 100% graffiti but it still has some persentage. not just 0%. maybe a 50% or so...


and I'm sure that this event is not an attempt to exploit graffiti culture and this does no harm to it in any way


..to be continued

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