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For the Flag burnin Faggots!

michael savage

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like seriously...how is it even possible to believe in that nonsese and still be into graffiti..its a complete and udder oxymoron


graffiti is in direct opposition of everything you stand for.. and if i knew what you wrote id be crossing all your fr8s i dont even care who you are i wouldnt care if you were SIGH id still be out crossing anything id see by you



and dont try and give me your right wing rhetoric - i think youve mistaken metal heads for the republican convention

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OKAY JIM JONES, HAHA...you're cute, but, i'm role playing...do you even know who michael savage is? i'm sure you do...if my name was chucky shoooomer, i'd be talking shit on republicans...obviously you do your graffiti for a different reason than me. i don't do it to say FuCk You to anyone, i do it for me and my crew all over the country...i l respect the railroad, go ahead an "oxy-moron" you ass off, but the idea of painting pieces and loving the railroad can co-exist. don't get your panties in a bunch tho baby, i'm sure we'd enjoy each other in a friendly debate of who's party is fucking up the world more...unfortunately, whoever we elect has a dark side, folks behind the scene doing dirt under their name. but liberals bro, they just can't hold back their emotions and consider the effects of their gripes. go ahead and diss my frieghts over a polotical opinion...better yet, run for governor when you grow up...

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