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Just got a one month Blockbuster pass

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So my buddy is letting me stay in his dorm room free rent and food for one month. The dorm is two blocks away from blockbuster so i got a one month pass where i can rent as many movies as i want.


Im also a film student so ive seen a million movies and block buster doesnt carry that much at all. im running out of ideas i was hoping someone saw a good independent movie or classic from blockbuster and would let me know about it.


movies ive rented in the last few days:


Team America -wanted to see the extra features

Nothing- awsome movie by the guy that did cube

Undead- awsome zombie alien shit

High Tension- better than I ever could have imagined

Be Cool- Lame, not half as good as the first but great opening scene

Susperia- Dario Argento Rocks to bad his writing is lacking great movie either way

Cronos- Very strange kinda cool kinda strange very drawn out

Manson Family- Art house cool but boring

Cursed- Some how turned out to be cool plus CR is fucking hot oh and then kid from Roger Dodger is in it

Return to OZ- Dope but short

Swimming with Sharks- AWESOME Kevin Spacey rocks

Running Man- "Don't forget to send me a copy" YES!

Hard Eight- SOOOO GOOD PT Anderson rocks

Devils Rejects- 2 hour documentery YEAH!


ok thats it so far im way into horror and wierd shit but if its just a really good movie like Hard Eight then please tell me.



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I'd leave the pass on the counter and try not wasting my life in two and a half hour segments. You know, just to see what it is like.


Movies fucking suck balls.

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In no particular order;


City of god (shot in Brazil)

La haine (french)

Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

Betty blue (french)

Chopper (australian)


Waking life

Warriors (in light of recent video game)

City of the lost children (french)

True romance

American pimp (documentry)


Thats all I can think of right now.

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