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haha, this is the first time i've EVER mentioned you when not speaking directly to you (and only the 3rd comment total), meanwhile you said my name in yesterdays thread half a dozen times before i even set fooot in it (go count it, i'm not exagerating). and now you wanna talk about me being infatuated and that i can't take it?! ha! are you serious?! you no life having fucking troglodite, do you honestly think i care what you say to me? unlike you, i don't give a shit what goes on here because i [unlike you] have a life outside of this board. in the years that i've racked up allllllll these posts i've painted nearly 1000 pieces, visited all but 2 states and nearly a dozen different countries...meanwhile, what have you done? name a single accomplishment. give me any reason why i could possibly be unable to 'take' such witty barbs as the (still stinging) 'go fuck yourself' and the bart simpson inspired 'suck my crank'.

it's ok, take your time.


sad fact of the matter bro, is that your entire existence amounts to nothing more than pathetic shrivelled little words on a screen, so nothing you say, no matter how inflamatory, will ever keep me awake at night. i know that's harsh, but it's the truth.


seeks/sorry i kept you waiting, hope you didnt wear out your refresh button

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wow, seeking. you counted how many times i mentioned your name. that is pretty gay.


"dear diary,

casek mentioned my name half a dozen times today (that means six).

maybe he'll tlak about me today, too hee hee.


your friend,





see what i mean? the egos...big egos.


so, you've painted. i haven't had as much time to paint this year. wow. who fucking cares?


you travel...wow. i travel almost every thursday through sunday.

a different state. holy crap. that is so interesting.



no one cares. no one cares about how many states either of us have been to. no one cares how many pieces you've put up.



as far as i'm concerned, this is over.


this is the internet.

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haha, and i'm the one who can't 'take it'?

you seriously start shaking and stuttering when i dis you, don't you? brain get's all smoking and little droplets of spittle go flying at the screen. haha.


you should really take all of this a whole lot less seriously bro, hyper tension is some serious shit.


anyway, so where can we see some of this graffiti?

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well, if you makes you feel better, i still genuinly think you're a monumental fucking joke, and i'm still rearing to ban you, just to be an asshole, since i'm pretty sure it would throw your entire life into a tailspin, and that would make me laugh, like burning ants with a magnifying glass, but no, nothing that goes on here ever makes me mad. that was kind of the point of my (lengthy) post, where i elaborated on all the reasons that i don't give a shit what you say.


anyway, c'mon, what do you write? if you painted 'alot' there must be some documentation of it. i kinda don't believe you at all. i think you're some sucker who's just latched onto the '12oz community' in order to pretend to be 'someone'. i dont think you were ever reeeeeeaally a writer, more a parasitic dick rider. prove me wrong.

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ugh...guess what i write.


as for the latching etc etc...and the tailspin...i wouldn't give to fucks about being banned. honestly. i don't care. do it.

as for the other shit, you're so gay for me...


did any of your psychologists ever explain 'projecting' to you?

it's when you feel a certain way, in your case, gay...but you don't know how to deal with it properly, so you project it onto others in order to 'deal' with it yourself.


haha. you're a year older than i am and acting like a highschool girl on myspace! fucking ridiculous! i love 12oz prophet! hahaha.

hope you guys are having fun in the mod room.


happy thanksgiving,

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umm, i'm not sure how it started. i decided casek sucked at living, so now i'm kinda trying to get him to shoot himself in the face. it's sort of an experiment born of boredom i guess. he keeps trying to defend himself by referencing his dick and the idea that i'm gay, which is kind of scraping the proverbial e-barrel i think. in response, i point out how sad and pathetic his life is (which by all acounts seems to be the truth). it's really quite a mismatch and i suppose i should feel bad, but i don't.

in any event, welcome back bojangles.

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