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Art of Getting Over

cultural me

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I didn't read this thread yet, but I saw that movie Closer the other day, and I figure that I'm sort of like Clive Owen's character.



i like to take elmers glue and some little paper cut-outs

of dolphins and i paste them up to her door.


like one-two a day.


haha, casek, you're one funny guy!

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man I have been threw that. honestly blood the best thing to do is take that shit and turn it to some kind fuel bro,get some money,get your hussle on,paint till you drop, whatever your angle is.man i just drop that shit into pushing my focus even more on my goals and getting my shit together.that shit hurts like a muthafucker,but i aint gonna feel sorry for myself and I figure i'll either find the real women i was supposed to be with while im on the way to the top and if not well you know the best revenge is success...I dont know if that helps, thats just me bro... :king:

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there's no real easy way to do it.


the best shortcut out there would be to remove this person from your life completely. don't talk to them, don't keep shit of theirs laying around, throw away any "cute" pictures and things like that, etc. sort of an "out of site, out of mind" approach. also, like many have said, time will be the ultimate healer here. some days will be worse than others, but eventually it'll get easier.


stay busy too, kick it with your friends, stay distracted. love fades, it's just a part of life.


emo post over.


*turns juelz santana back on.

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Originally posted by Glik0@Nov 12 2005, 07:33 PM

fuck her bestfriends/female family members.



this is the best advice here. i broke up a bird once and she had a friend who she knew sweated me but didn't want to believe it. i calmly informed her a month after the break up that i wasn't streesing her at all and had forgotten how many bitches sweat me. she began to rebut my claim of this, "yeah you think mad girls sweat you but..." i interjected with "yeah i guess your right i guess "her girlfriend" (who was a smoking hot greek dime piece) doesn't either." she says "no she doesn't at all, god you are so full of yourself" and that is when i dropped it on her hard as fuck with: yep i guess she wasn't sweating me when she was gagging with cock down her throat." she was devastated. i win. chalk one up for the bad guys. just fuck her friends. your happiness is the sweetest revenge.

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