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Amazing Ronaldinho videos

Guest imported_Europe

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A lot of times I look at stuff like this and people who can bowl 300's off the top and I start to wonder about what types of life or death situations you could get yourself into where talent like this would come into play.


Then I think about how awesome it would be to be locked in a cave where you have to somehow hit a target that's 30 feet away and 15 feet above ground with a 'football' without letting it hit the ground once. Imagine it like this: you're sitting there waiting to die with a crew of people that don't know anything about you in a setting like the end of The Goonies and realizing 'Wait a minute, this is exactly what I do! I got this shit!'. Then you step up to the plate without saying a word and bash out three badass punts without uttering a word, and, as soon as it's over, you sit back down and casually light up a white owl as if nothing ever happened.


Someone get me on Survivor. I can bowl like a motherfucker.

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I gotta say, given the special nike shoes and the guy with the nike shirt and all the nike shit in the background, this is an ad. It's a cool one, but I question the authenticity of the footage. Im reminded of the powerade tv spots and the ratchet and clank video game spots, both look very real but are fake. Anyways, could be wrong, he's still very good.

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did anybody see the other videos?!?!.


check out the top 10, i think it's #5 where he fucking curves that shit almost 180.... DUDES!!, he fucking curved the ball all the way to where it went form his total right to his left side.....





i love futbol, i played that shit in the womb.

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