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Need Otr Markers

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Well, no stores where I live dont have them cuz i live in hawaii. and anyone know any good sites that have them. like i know a lot of good sites, but there always sold out and not the markers i want. heres some graffiti store sites i know:











bombing science doesnt have the inks for the otr's. grgraffitisupply is all sold out and doesnt have much selection. liquidcrack all the good otr markers are all sold out and also the refills. monstercolors dont have them. mtncolors doesnt have refills. digifunk dont have either. artprimo are all sold out for like a long time now. and fourthehardway doesnt have any of it. does anyone know a good site with otr markers. i thought of getting the ON THE RUN .084 FLOWPEN (red). is the red or the black good? thanks!

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Making your own ink isnt that hard.


Neither is finding out good ink recipes and where to get the shit needed.


What would you people do without the internet to guide you every step of the way?

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