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1980 HEIST 2005 rest in peace!!!

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Tom's sister and I are working on a book for him. If you have flicks, blackbooks, stories, anything at all you want to share about King Heist please submit them as well as how you would like to receiv

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Guest Abc Eater

Honestly shit sucks My condolences to the toledo guys, crow, rhyme, resp, all of RA and what not kast and everyone that painted with him, met him once, but Obvisouly he was a huge impact. Always liked seeing the fresh new heist freights and throws and what not, trying to figure out how the hell he climbed the billboard or got on top of the buildings. Honestly I met him once and for some reason the shit keeps bothering me wont get out of my head knowing its such a shitty loss for the community and he was a fairly young guy. Condolences to all his close friends and family god bless his soul.

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Got to spend a weekend painting and chillin with Heist a couple Winters ago.

We painted a wall in columbus in the dead of winter. Heist showed up a little later with a trunk full of paint and busted his piece out really quickly...I remember looking back like...Damn, dude snapped. That was a great weekend.

Showed us Chicago kids some hospitality (and a whole bunch of roofs and walls he had riding) in Toledo as well.

Really nice guy...and amazing writer.

Someone made a comment about his color schemes before and I have to say....dude definately had some of the sickest color schemes out of anyone....combos you'd think would look horrendous worked out perfectly for him.

My condolesces go out to his crew, family, and friends. Your dedications are very impressive.

Any writer could learn a lot from his contribution to the community.

Rest In Peace man.



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I have always been inspired by Heist, his letters, style, colors, everything. I was lucky enough to chill and paint with him for a weekend in Indiannapolis. Condolences to his family, friends, and of course his crew. Rise Above brother.





Rest In Peace




Crow, I havn't forgot about that package son, it will get out this week, promise!

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