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2true - Sydney Australia.

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As many of you may be aware, the 2true website and forums had been down for a while. With the new re-release there has however been a great deal of confusion with which 2true is which..

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Always was, and still continues to be the official and the original link of the 2true forums. Things will now be running much smoother, faster, more secure, and most importantly with a vision for the future.


Unfortunately due to various staff issues, there has been a secondary forum started over at ;;;;;;;;;;. The forum found there is fake, and highly insecure. It is running on the exact same software and so forth which originally got 2true hacked in the first place.


This post is mearly a warning to those whom frequent 2true so as to help avoid any confusion.




milch - 2true admin team.



NB: If the staff of ozprophet find this post to be in breach of any of their guidelines please feel free to move as you see fit.




***we will - dd

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