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neo nazi rally ruined in ohio

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Violence at Ohio Neo-Nazi March


Saturday, October 15, 2005


TOLEDO, Ohio — A crowd that gathered to protest a white supremacists' march Saturday turned violent, throwing baseball-sized rocks at police and vandalizing vehicles.


Six people were arrested and police, fire and media vehicles were damaged, Police Chief Mike Navarre said.


At least two dozen members of the Roanoke, Va.-based National Socialist Movement, which calls itself "America's Nazi Party," gathered at a city park to march under police protection. Organizers said they were demonstrating against black gangs that were harassing white residents.


The march was canceled, and the violence broke out about a quarter mile away from the park along the planned route.


Keith White, a black resident, criticized city officials for initially allowing the march.


"They let them come here and expect this not to happen?" said White, 29.


Two hours after authorities called off the march, 150 officers in helicopters and cruisers and on foot, bicycles and horses continued to chase bands of youths.

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who made that african american rule? I think people put too much

emphasis on race. I hate how people put a racial twist on everything.

Black and white, I'm like look, keep me out of your racism, for real!


But , yeah It does look like they are giving away free hot dogs and sodas or something in that picture.

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This is exactly what they wanted. PUBLICITY. this little march meant nothing whatsoever. Had they marched dirrectly through the black ghetto and nothing happened they would have failed in their only objective which was stirring shit up.

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so who saw the pics of the looting?


as much as nazi's are total fuck heads, they have the freedom to say what they want, and assemble where they want.sadly, the nazi's won. what they call out minorities for, they did during this rally. protesting against the nazi's totally fine. hell have fun trying to beat them up, but be ready for the consequences when you get arrested.

the bill of rights just doesnt come and go and get to be used when you want to.

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Fuck a nazi... let them get their asses beat. If they want to be known for getting their asses kicked. Fine. You can say whatever you want, but if you are going to spit hate, then don't expect not to get hated on yourself. Fucking retarded ass boneheads.

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These guys have never gotten any respect from the extreme right wing. The "National Socialist Movement" has always been a bunch of Nazi-philes that liked to dress up like the Third Reich. . . until Toledo. Now all of a sudden they're big heroes because the cops in Toledo told them they would not let them march.


Then every gang banger in the 'hood went nuts and looted stores, burned down some old timer Polish bar, invaded and looted white residents' homes and generally acted like idiots. The cops were trying to avoid arresting any blacks (there is an election in like a week) but 65 of these clowns still managed to get busted.


The gangstas basically handed the NSM a million dollars worth of free publicity. Now the NSM is saying applications to join are pouring in (probably bullshit, but still). If there's 300 Nazis in the NSM and they doubled their numbers they still wouldn't be as big as the average elementary school.


Nevertheless, the way to deal with Nazis is to IGNORE THEM. They revel in the hate of the liberals and the Left Wing and especially "people of color." If the blacks won't do anything aggressive when these guys are marching, they taunt the onlookers until somebody starts acting stupid, so they can get it on TV. Nothing would please them better than a full-on riot, complete with casualties, dramatic pictures of brave Nazis covered in blood and TV footage of their little band of whites surrounded by a sea of pissed off blacks. The one thing they cannot stand is to be "irrelevant."


This Toledo thing has them crowing like they are the cock of the walk.

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im with you man. im not saying dont stand up to them, im just saying that the rioting, looting, and what not, as Kabar pointed out, only helped make the nazi's feel better and made them "win" at the rally. its pretty sad when the nazi;s spit racism, then a bunch of blacks destroy and loot during the rally. if anything, they should of been trying to destroy and loot the nazis, not innocent people, and innocent businesses.

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^^true, but it almost seemed more like they wanted to lash out at the city in general for letting such a racist and twisted display of the first ammendment take place. It sucks that they couldn't just beat the shit outta the nazi's, I guess the nazi's practically had a police escort.

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Theres a thread on this in Ch.0.

The nazi's were a group out of Richmond, Virginia. The area in toledo where they set up was not downtown, but a part of the community known to have pretty taut race relations between african americans and polish americans. The demonstration was extremely intense and lasted a good amount of time. Yes, some of the people there to protest were gang members, but the majority were pissed that the city allowed an organization such as this to demonstrate in specific area of the city in which tensions were already so high. This is why they turned on the the police..

Everyone is at fault for some part of it...but when you travel all that way to take shots at an already stuggling city and the people living in it, you cause the resulting actions. Simple enough.


They know enough not to try this bullshit in Cincy..

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its alway good to hear bothsides of a story





What really happened in Toledo...

The Police And The City Double Crossed Us And Started A Riot

10/15/2005 6:11:44 PM

Discuss this story in the forum

Bill White


Commentary -- Toledo Mayor Jack Ford said today that "someone will pay" for the rioting that occurred today in Toledo. Well, I hope someone does pay -- I hope he pays when the voters remove him from office. The rioting that is ongoing in Toledo right now is the direct result of Mayor Ford ordering the Toledo Police to betray us and set us up for a fight.


We had approximately 80 NSM members and 60 members of the public who showed up to demonstrate in Toledo. The plan which we had worked out with police had been this (and you can read old press releases on this website to confirm it):


We would gather at two locations -- one close to the rally site and one several miles away. We would send an advance security team to the public gathering place to secure it, and we would send another security team to secure the second staging area. Those security teams would arrive early, they would draw out the counter demonstrators, the counter demonstrators would do something stupid, like block a public street, get arrested en masse, and then we would have a peaceful march.


We realized there were problems the day before when the Toledo Police changed the parking situation. We had originally planned to enter the parking area through Mulberry. We told the Toledo Police we expected the protesters to march down Stickney. The day before the rally, the Toledo Police told us the protestors would march down Mulberry and that we would have to enter the parking area through Stickney. I told the police that the protestors would almost certainly block Stickney, and that they needed to be ready to have our members enter through Mulberry. They told me they had better intelligence than I did and that things were going to go their way. Well, they did -- they turned into a riot.


Our security forces deployed fine. We had twenty four men -- twelve at each location -- early in the morning. The communist demonstration drew about 40 people -- 20 members of the International Socialist Organization and 20 members of the One People's Project and the Northeast Federation Of Anarchist Communists, under the banner of "Anti-Racist Action".


The only surprise in the morning is that the police did not deploy a single person to the communist demonstration. We had told them that the communists would begin a roving mob and start attacking people very early in the morning. They didn't want to pay their men the extra overtime, and had not arranged for police officers to deploy until 10 - 11 AM.


The ARA showed up around 10:30 AM, but didn't have the numbers to take on our twelve advance guys, so they stared at us for a while, and then were forced across the street by police. They and the ISO were joined by about twelve kids, aged 13-17, wearing red, "the bloods", two other groups of about twelve black kids each, and maybe 50 onlookers, mostly black.


Around 10:30 I asked our other position to send me every extra security person they had. I then went to Lt Greg Sekela of the Toledo Police and asked him where he wanted to us to enter the parking lot from. He told me from Stickney. I pointed out to him that there was an angry mob of about 120 people standing on Stickney, and suggested he open up Mulberry. He told me that Stickney would be fine. At this point the police still had control, and I agreed.


By 11 AM we had 21 men and women. So far, so good. But by 11:30 there were people I knew who were in town who were not arriving. Then five guys from Toledo came over and said "you know there are a lot of people standing at the barricades who can't get in".


I asked Lt Sekela about this. On camera, he told me that the police had decided to seal the whole area and that no one was being let in. I pointed out to him that we had over 40 of our members coming who had not yet arrived, plus members of the public. He said they could park on the street and walk in. I asked him where they should walk in -- and how would they know to walk there? He said they had to walk in Stickney, and that we should tell them. I pointed out that I didn't have communications open with all these people. He told be "too bad, they can go home."


Well, what happened is that little groups of our supporters started to gather at the police barricades, as they tried to figure out how to get in. The communists spotted one of those groups, and started running at them. That was the spark that lit the riot.


The communists started passing out eggs and rocks to the black juveniles. The black kids started throwing them at the police. The police became overwhelmed and started retreating. The blacks smelled blood, and started running down the streets attacking anyone they could -- one member of the press had his jeep destroyed and I was told was beaten quite badly very early in the rally.


At the time the rioting started, we were holding a press conference. We had 33 people who got inside the police lines, but the police decided that 12 of them could not march -- they would have to stay behind in the parking lot. Why, I'm not sure -- the police basically felt that anyone who was not wearing a uniform could not participate in our rally.


As we were finishing the press conference and beginning to march the police suddenly threw up a line of officers and started pushing against us, trying to push us back. Our members started pushing back -- these were our security guys and they had been ordered not to be physically moved by anyone. The police announced "you're not marching", but stopped the pushing. There was a brief negotiation, we were told the police had lost control of the situation, and we were told if we did not leave immediately we would all be arrested. We argued, and they started saying "if you don't leave, we're going to be overrun at this position." I said "we're not afraid to stand and fight." Without going blow by blow, the police ordered us again to leave, and since I was under orders to obey the police, I told our men to leave.


We regrouped outside the riot zone, held some press conferences, and then I got called away to Columbus to do some interviews from the nearest Satellite uplink. Fox has already said they would rather cover the avian bird flu than the race riots -- i.e., the cancelled. I don't know if I'll be on any other stations.


This riot can be blamed on three sets of people:


The communists, who came to the area with weapons, handed them out to the blacks, and incited the blacks to riot;

The blacks, who engaged in the exact type of racial violence we had gathered to protest; and,

The police and the City of Toledo, who double crossed us with the intent of driving down our numbers, who ignored our intelligence, which was much better than theirs, who coordinated, rehearsed and planned the security with us, then changed plans without notice, and who, most importantly, ordered our member to park on the street where the communists and blacks were protesting, refused to open the parking lot up to our members, and started a riot by trapping our members, denying them access to the security we had put in place to protect our members, and forcing them into a situation where it was obvious there would be violent conflict.

My understanding is that the rioting in Toledo is continuing. There have been some buildings burned, but they are all commercial buildings. The cowardly and incompetent Toledo police are refusing to enter the riot zone -- because of budget cuts, they don't have enough officers, and the Mayor has ordered them not to suppress the blacks because the election is a few days away and he doesn't want to lose votes.


The only people who entered and exited the riot zone safely were the NSM, and neither us nor any member of the public who sided with us has been hurt or arrested in conjunction with the rioting.


Radio reports:


NSM Radio


The Hal Turner Show



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WHAAAAA...WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!Poor Nazis didn't get to march. :bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:


Too bad the pigs didn't just abandon them to fight the rioters.


Notice how they call everyone else a Comunist? Kinda reminds me of Kabar.


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hahaha, these dudes crack me up with their "intelligence" and all that bullshit, i can just imagine dude sitting in his basement with a map he drew and a bunch a hot wheels cars thinking "we can drive....here....those dirty black people will be here..." whatever man, these dudes really need to get over themselves, racism is just fucking stupid in general

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Why the fuck would the mayor and the police want to incite a riot in their own damn city? Not only is that costly monetarily but costly in votes as well.

Fucking nazis are full of shit.

They didn't even have a permit to march, but they had police protection for some reason.

The motherfucker that drew the nazis out there got like 5 of his windows smashed. I don't know what people expect to happen.

It's not like nazis even give a shit about the poles anyways. Poland was like one of the first countries they invaded. They don't give a shit about the polish, they were just looking for an excuse to intimidate people.


Toledo leaders examine simmering problems




Associated Press


TOLEDO, Ohio - A feud between neighbors - one white, one black - over a dented car and kids trampling on a yard simmered all summer, eventually touching off a riot that has shaken this blue-collar city.


The violence that erupted Saturday over an aborted white supremacist march has moved leaders in a community marred by race riots in the 1960s to once again talk about race relations and re-examine efforts to combat gangs.


"This is something that's going to be with us for a while," Mayor Jack Ford said Monday.


Police say the squabble between the two neighbors was the catalyst for the sidewalk march planned by the National Socialist Movement. The neo-Nazi group said it wanted to draw attention to gangs and crime in the neighborhood, once a thriving Polish community that is now a mix of whites, blacks and Hispanics.


A mob that included rival gang members turned out Saturday to protest the supremacist group. But when the march was called off, they turned their anger toward police who they thought were protecting the neo-Nazis.


Protesters looted and burned a corner bar, smashed the windows of a gas station and tossed rocks and bricks at police. Twelve officers were injured and 114 people were arrested.


The area known as Polish Village once was the heart and political center of Ohio's fourth-largest city, though it's hard now to find a place that still serves kielbasa and pierogis.


Jimmy Carter once dropped in during his presidential run, stopping at Jim & Lou's Bar, the tavern that rioters torched. "It was an institution," said Keith Wilkowski, a prominent local Democrat who grew up down the street.


Many longtime residents have either died or moved out, leaving behind an area that is poorer and more diverse. High-paying factory jobs in the auto and glass industries have dwindled in the Lake Erie city that is about 50 miles south of Detroit.


Tom Szych, 35, who is white and Polish, is one of the holdouts. Police say it was his complaints about a neighbor and her children that drew the interest of the neo-Nazis.


Szych denied that his family contacted the group. He said he went to police because the children next door threw garbage into his yard and one broke into his house. He also told police he was being harassed by gang members.


"Just because the kids are African-American, doesn't mean I'm a racist," he said while taking a break from picking bits of glass out of his living room carpet. Rioters broke out four of his windows and a storm door.


"They make it like it's a black-white thing and it's not," he said.


His neighbor, Amelia Gray, disputed Szych's account. "There's no gangs around here," she said. "It's just blacks who he doesn't want here. He wants his old Polish neighborhood back."


Police Chief Mike Navarre said officers found nothing to verify Szych's complaints.


Others are angry the neighborhood is being portrayed as divisive.


"We have learned to respect each other out here," said Jean Overton, who organizes a citizens BlockWatch group. "I resent them drawing a spotlight on a neighborhood that has been integrated longer than most others in the city."


About a quarter of the city's 300,000 residents are black, although most live in the central city.


The mayor has asked ministers, community leaders and his staff to help the city recover by leading an examination of issues including race and the relations between residents and police officers.


Terry Glazer, who heads a group trying to revitalize the Polish Village area, said the problem is a lack of jobs and organizations that support young people.


"This would've have happened in any neighborhood the neo-Nazis show up in," Glazer said. "It was a very small group that caused the problems."


Many were upset that the city was willing to allow about a dozen supremacists to walk through the neighborhood. Ford said the city couldn't stop the march because the group planned to walk along sidewalks, which doesn't require the city's permission.


Most of the rioters were black and many wore red or blue bandannas over their faces. Others wore bright red shirts or hats, leading the mayor and police chief to say that gangs played a role.


Navarre acknowledged there are active gangs who use names such Bloods and Crips, and that the city is trying to weed them out. The department's gang unit has made 800 arrests this year.


Gangs are no longer a major problem like they were a decade ago, he said, but the city will renew its focus on them because of the riot. Most of the gangs are loosely organized, Navarre said.


"This isn't Chicago or L.A.," he said. "Many of these are kids just hanging out together."




Toledo: http://www.ci.toledo.oh.us

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neo nazi rally ruined in ohio,


I noticed the thread title... can you really ruin a neo-nazi rally? I mean, that's kind of like hitting a retard in the head and giving them brain damage. Sure, they're worse off than before but they're still a fucking retard.

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