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the 419 eater

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scammer baiting with results.





better than the destruction league.



TITLE: The Tale of The Painted Breast

SCAMMER NAME: Prince Joe Eboh


MISC: None

SCAMBAITER: Shiver Metimbers




'Prince' Joe Eboh contacts me with a classic 419 opening letter. I decide to make him jump through a few hoops before I'm prepared to agree to his proposition, and the results are amusing AND profitable, to the tune of $80 + $49 DHL shipping, so our scammer is down a whopping total of $129




From: Prince Joe Eboh

Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 12:53 PM



Prince Joe Eboh


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am fine today and how are you? I hope this letter will find you in the best of health. I am Prince Joe Eboh, the Chairman of the “Contract Award Committee”, of the “Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)”, a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).


The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) was set up by the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha who died on 18th June 1998, to manage the excess revenue accruing from the sales of Petroleum and its allied products as a domestic increase in the petroleum products to develop the communities in the Niger Delta Oil producing areas. The estimated annual revenue for 1999 was $45 Billion US Dollars Ref. FMF A26 Unit 3B Paragraph “D” of the Auditor General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Report of Nov. 1999 on estimated revenue.


I am the Chairman of the Contract Award Committee, and my committee is solely responsible for awaiting and paying of contracts on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria. My Committee Awarded Contracts to foreign contractors for Drilling and Ecological Matters in the oil producing areas of Niger Delta. We overshot the contract sum by US$25,000,000.00. We have paid the contractors and withholding the balance of US$25,000, 000.00. But, because of the existence of some of the domestic laws forbidding civil servants in Nigeria from opening, operating and maintaining foreign accounts, we do not have the expertise to transfer this balance of fund to a foreign account.


However, this balance of US$25,000, 000.00 has been secured in form of Credit/Payment to a foreign contractor, hence we wish to transfer into your bank account as the beneficiary of the fund. We have also arrived at a conclusion that you will be given 20% of the total sum transferred as our foreign partner, while 5% will be reserved for incidental expenses that both parties will incur in the course of actualizing this transaction, and the balance of 75% will be kept for the committee members.


If you know that you will be capable of helping us actualize this transaction, you should send to me immediately the details of your bank particulars or open a new bank account where we can transfer the money US$25,000, 000.00, which you will be holding in trust for us until we come to your country for our share. Your nature of business does not matter in this transaction. The required details includes your company’s name, address, your private personal telephone/fax numbers, your full name and address, including your complete bank details where the transferred fund will be routed by the Apex Bank.


Note that this transaction is expected to be actualized within 21 working days from the day the required details are forwarded to the Federal Ministry of Finance who will approve the needed foreign exchange control allocation for the release of this money to your account. Please, treat this as top secret. You should contact me urgently.


Thanks for your cooperation.


Yours faithfully,


Prince Joe Eboh






From: Father Hector Barnett

To: Prince Joe Eboh


Father Hector Barnett

Financial Development

London SW


Dear Sir,


My thanks for your very interesting email below. I would dearly love to help you however my ministry forbids me from entering any business deal with partners who are not part of our faith. I am sorry but there is nothing more I can do for you.


If you ever decide to join our faith then of course I could help you both with my experience and financial support.


I wish you well in your endeavour my brother.




Father Hector Barnett

Financial Development - Holy Church of The Order of The Red Breast.






From: Prince Joe Eboh

Date: Friday, April 23, 2004 4:33 PM

Subject: Re: I'm ready to join your faith.


Dear Father Hector,


If joining your faith is what it takes to help me of course, I am ready to joing you. I'm from a good christian family. I will do anything you want me to do in the faith. Don't forget that I have to transfer the money to your account as urgently as possible. Send me your account details. I hope to read your mail soon.


Prince Joe Eboh.


[Excellent! Time to put my dastardly plan into action]





From: Father Hector Barnett

To: Prince Joe Eboh


Dear brother Eboh,


Bless you for your prompt reply and may the lord God almighty send you many blessings (Amen).


My brother, it is wonderful that you are considering joining our church, you will be most welcome in our Holy order.


My brother, of course you will have to prove your commitment to our ministry. This will require you to send us a photograph of yourself showing part of the commitment ceremony that we will require (this is very simple), and you will also have to sign our Order of The Red Breast induction agreement form. The agreement form is very simple and only requires your name and signature.


If you are in agreement to our terms above, please signify it to us as soon as possible and I shall arrange to give you the complete instructions for the photograph and agreement form.


As soon as you have been inducted to our order then we can proceed with your business proposition immediately.


Please note that we cannot agree to any form of communication other than email until after you have been inducted to our church.





Father Hector Barnett

Financial Development - Holy Church of The Order of The Red Breast.






From: Prince Joe Eboh

Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2004 12:43 PM

Subject: Agreement


Dear Father Hector,


Peace be unto you in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ Amen. I'm in agreement with your terms. I will adhere strictly to your instructions. Send me a comprehensive instruction for the photograph and agreement.


Do not forget that this transaction is between us and I can assure you that the ministry is going to benefit from it especially now that I am a member. I hope to read your mail soon.


Stay blessed.


Prince Joe Eboh.






From: Father Hector Barnett

To: Prince Joe Eboh


Dear brother Eboh,


Bless you for your interest in our church, and below you will find the complete induction procedure. First of course you will need to know a little more about our ministry.


Our ministry was founded in 1774 by a wonderful lady by the name of Betsy Carrington (I have attached a photograph of her for your records). She spent many of her first preaching years in Kenya, spreading the holy gospel amongst the local people there.


She was the first person male or female to promote Christian texts and beliefs to the Masai warrior tribe. The most famous account is when as a test she had to remove the top part of her clothes and paint the top half of her body and breast with the red Masai warpaint as a gesture of faith and belief to them so that they would accept her and trust her. She was almost immediately accepted by them and was one of the most trusted westerners known at that time.


In her later years she returned to England and started her own ministry Holy Church of The Order of The Red Breast and was very active until her sad death in 1861.


As a qualification to enter the Holy Church of The Order of The Red Breast, all followers must go through the initiation procedure that Miss Carrington made so famous. Of course in these modern times, female members do not have to paint their breast. They only need to make the symbol on their stomachs. However, all males must still show commitment to the church by having the symbol of the church marked on their breasts.


My brother, this is what you will need to do in order to complete the church induction ceremony:


You must remove your shirt and then paint/draw in red, the symbols of our church. So that you know exactly how the symbol must look, I have attached a photograph of four of our young inductees going through the procedure. Please use this picture to enable you to make the same marking on yourself. I have also attached a small picture showing the design in more detail.


Next you will need to have a HIGH QUALITY photograph taken and sent it to us my email attachment.


Once your photograph has been received we will then forward you the induction certificate. All this requires is your name and signature. Once you have signed and dated it, please send it back to me by email attachment.


After that you will then be a full member of our beloved ministry and as well as being able to do business with you we can also offer financial help to you in the future if you ever need it. Our church is committed to helping any members in whatever way is possible. If you ever need money for charitable purposes, then you just need to contact us and quote your member number and we can arrange payments to you within 24 hours.


I look forward to welcoming you into our membership my brother.



Father Hector Barnett

Financial Development - Holy Church of The Order of The Red Breast.




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Ha ha...ha ha..ha ha........ha.


You ARE going to play this guy out to the very end, right?


"Blessed Brother in The Faith- Now that you have sucessfully fulfilled all of our initiation requirements, there remains, regrettably, one last hurdle...yet, it is the cornerstone of our faih, and duty requires me to broach the subject with you, even at the risk of losing your eternal soul to the fiery, stinking pits of Hell. It is not a small thing we ask of you, and it is entirely of your own volition, as coersion is frowned upon in the eyes of the Holy Father.


"You must go out, into the world, and find a boy, preferably between the ages of 12 to 17, and know him carnally. This is no light task, but comfort can be found in the intimate knowledge of a man by another man as pure in heart as the lambs of the flock, and also by the fact that this is an action that is fully sanctioned by Our Father, and is practiced by many priests as a sign of their unwavering faith and piety. Unfortunately, as the world has strayed from the teachings of the Bible to a more secular reality, our actions have been misunderstood and misinterpreted by the laws of man, and therefore frowned upon heavily by those who wrongly assume that secular law supersedes the Word of our Lord.


"Again, as proof of your character and Christian values, photographic evidence of the sex act is required as a matter of course. We live in an ever-changing world, and the act was formerly performed in the full presence of the congregation...now, the internet, for all of its faults and evils it has released upon the world, has provided us with a way to welcome other interested individuals into the fold at great distances from the Mother Church.


"I eagerly anticipate and am saying prayers daily to appeal for your response within the next 48 hours, as time is fleeting, and we are in the business of saving your soul as well as other lost souls who come to us, seeking redeption and absoulution from the sins that have plagued us since the Garden of Eden and the loss of original innocence."


Thank you, and yours in Christ,


Father Hector Barnett




Feel free to use that...just keep me posted, please. Thanks.

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hahaha. that's great, but sadly that was an example exchange between a scammer and someone else.


i just got a fake email account (using reverend casek as my name/title).


i'm awaiting responses from some guestbooks i signed. scammers should be aware soon enough.

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Well, toss it out there if it applies to whatever game you plan to run on these guys. I would LOVE to see some of the responses.


My only misgving is the knowledge that some people will do ANYHING for money, up to and including this. So, I don't know...that was straight off the top of my head. A lot of HST and stupid church bizspeak went into it...took me about five minutes, too...

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hell yah. i'm gonna use it. thanks.


pffft: people trying to scam other people. me scamming them.

posting on 12oz.


hopefully i'll get some nice souvenirs.


rock & roll!

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got one...







P O BOX 906171






Dear Reverend Casek,


I am writing you with regards to the message we received from you, regarding your Internet Lottery Draw winning notification which you received from the Director of Promotion of my company MR. JABULANI THABO, MASTER MEGA-MILLION LOTTERY.


Please you have to be aware that we do not want you to relate your winning information to people or group of persons, this is because we do not want to experience any form of Internet scam or someone else to contact us with the same winning information due to your exposure of your winning information.


You have to find below, your winning detail informations;


WINNING NUMBERS: 7, 14, 18, 24, 28, 31 AND BONUS 37

LUCKY DRAW NUMBERS: 3, 11, 16, 22, 28, 29, AND 41





Please you have to contact your claim agent immediately with the following information for your claim. And do not forget to quote your above winning details to your claim agent, expecially your Reference and Batch Numbers.


You should find below, the information of your claim agent;





PHONE NUMBER: +27 73 440 8505

EMAIL ADDRESS: information_dept_eagletreasure@yahoo.com



You have to contact Mr. Paul Morgan immediately and start your claim through phone or email.




If you have any other enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.


We sincerely CONGRATULATE you for being the winner of the MASTER MEGA-MILLION LOTTERY.


Best regards,




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my reply:


Dear Ubuntu,

I am so overwhelmingly overjoyous about winning a lottery! You see, my church has been going through

some tough times. With Mrs. O'Flannahan missing and

and no other church organist in town (she really knew

how to pound on our organs!), we haven't been able

to afford to import the great organist Johann Von

Schtutennfukkin from Germany. I'm sure you've heard

of him, if you're a God fearing man like myself.


Anyhow, the orphanage burned to the ground a week ago today....It's been one stroke of bad luck after another. But this! This is utterly fantastic!


God is smiling upon you and possibly hoping you'll

pick him up a pack of smokes on the way to heaven.


Thank you for helping us do the Lords work!


Countless Blessings,

Reverend Jim R. Casek



notice that i call him ubuntu...it's from a movie...belushi was in...i'm going to call him somethign different every time i write back....rock!

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oh damn....i forget. there are some hardcore

simpsons trivia freaks...


btw: i fucked up, it's bill murray not balushi

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You see, my church has been going through

some tough times. With Mrs. O'Flannahan missing and

and no other church organist in town (she really knew

how to pound on our organs!)



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"Mundele" means "white man" in Swahili, BTW. Somehow, I think that addressing your audience with this title would not get you very far but I'm sure it would get a reaction or two, as I have it on good authority that this is the African equivalent to calling a black person in Amerikkka a nigger.


Go ahead, make their day. They try to rob you, you insult them back. Seems like a fair deal to me...

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i decided to write another letter.... thanks shai


should i praise his work on 'titanic' when/if he writes back?



Dear Mundele,

Why haven't you responded? I'm very anxious to get

the lottery winnings into the hands of the church.

Johann has been putting off his major European tour,

and he says he can't put it off much longer.


The whole congregation was informed of the amazing stroke of luck (with a sprinkle of our Lords good grace). We are all so happy! I cannot express to you

how much we need this. Mrs. Johnson actually wet herself a bit when i told of the good news.


May your life be long and prosperous.



Reverend Casek

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That's good...but, what about this-


"...Mrs. Johnson was so excited, that she soiled her undergarments...which strangely enough, made the congregation excited...and, the next you know, we were pulling a train on ol' Mrs. Johnson in the name of Our Lord, soiled undies and all. She's a special member of our flock- two hundred holy members later, she was still begging for deliverance."


Maybe we're getting a little carried away....nah, this is fun, fuck these dudes. As long as you keep up the pressure, I'll plumb the depths of my depraved psyche for the worst filth I can conjure up. I'll try to get some more phrases in Swahili for you to drop on them....I should find out how you would say, "double anal penetrator" or "pus infected cum dumpster" in Swahili...imagine hearing that from a "man of the cloth".


African white collar crime would be scandalized...simply, SCANDALIZED.

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