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Joint WholeCars & E2Es

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Re: American WholeCar thread...


writer persepctive, see above



railworker perspective


you have to be a heartless bastard to paint railcars with this shit, i wish it was in the shop longer so we could have painted teh whole thing to standards. Fucking vandals



I doubt that's the majority perspective. I mean.... most railworkers aren't completely stupid.

I'm sure some of them even admire some graffiti...But in the end, they're just doing their job.

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Re: American WholeCar thread...


i had a worker tell me once "..yeah some of these cars are so old the graffiti starts looking better than the train.." i just kinda chuckled and said yeah and changed the subject haha. i'm pretty sure most workers who don't have to buff them don't give a shit but do their job if they have to.


bump epmd's post. and that baer is ridiculous. as if his panels aren't enough

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Re: American WholeCar thread...













when it comes to them trash trains people go over u faster then shit...

i've have a lot of mine gone over and i have gone over toss ups with peices and gone over with toss ups again fuck that trash line.......

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Re: American WholeCar thread...


caught a GH wholecar done with i think just spray..but it was nite and in a busy yard..tags n throws over wholecars/? oh no.. that stinks..that Atomik is way cool..wonder if it was a self restamp with the small stamp and all..wonder what type of flat that is..nice Alike font holecar..but that E is kinda hard to read..that AM is wayyy nasty now..crazy..the Zore and the one to the right with the similar style are cool but arent they just like hollows??? Loot.

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