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shameless self promotion

Yeah, uh...

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Hurt my damn foot at work yesterday, doctor gave me some vicodin today and told me to stay off it. I may need surgery... Well, there went my trip to see Dave Chapelle tonight outside Detroit. SO..now Ive taken two on docs orders and might drink a beer and watch tv.

What a boring friday night this has become..the girls at work, my friends all went to see Dave and Im sittin here with a fucked up foot..


Hope everyones weekend is lookin better.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

You wont find good news here aswell. Woke up crippled today, my knee is FUCKED and i cant twist my back. dont know whats wrong but i;m getting older.

I'm drinking scotch on my own as i told the lady to fuck off and friends chose a bar i hate.


i have to say though, drinking solo at home may be so enjoyable that i dont give a shit.

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Originally posted by Tesseract@Sep 30 2005, 07:01 PM



i have to say though, drinking solo at home may be so enjoyable that i dont give a shit.



word to that. fuck fridays, and fuck kids making chill spots not chill.

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[ice Cube:]

See I'ma mean nigga

Youse afraid nigga

Ol' pretend nigga

Smile and grin nigga

I hate a false nigga

Diana Ross nigga

So if ya lost nigga

Meet tha boss nigga

He's a super nigga

Grin and groupa nigga

Act stupid nigga

I'll fuckin' nuke a nigga

Cuz youse a happy nigga

And ima nappy nigga

Fuckin' scrappy nigga

Meet ya pappy nigga

Its Ice Cube nigga

And Little Jon nigga

So if ya crunk nigga

Keep it crunk nigga

To you punk nigga

Feel tha bump nigga

Get yo testifyin ass in tha trunk nigga

You wanna tell nigga?

I'll drop a shell nigga

Send a frail nigga

Str8 ta hell nigga

Thats ya shelter nigga

Helta-skelta nigga

And when I belt a nigga

God help a nigga!

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Wow did I get fucked up last night. I ended up falling asleep super wasted watching a movie..

At least some other fools joined in, so im not a total tool.

Good thing is my foot feels better, my heads alittle rough now..


...dont worry seeking Ill be up next weekend.

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vicodin's a pretty sweet gig.


I had an oxycodone last night and drank a bunch of beer, let's just say things were "right".

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Well, I got a whopper for you that will be hard to top.


My girlfriend's 25th birthday was yesterday, and she had to go out of town for the weekend to her cousin's wedding. I was invited, (or should I say I felt obligated?) to go, but I would have had to take the day off from work yesterday. In my line of work (legal support and research) taking a Friday off is a no-no, and I missed work on a Friday a couple of weeks ago on account of illness. Now, I'm a pretty nervy guy, but I felt like taking two Fridays off in a month is a little rich, and if one of those Fridays I take off is to go to a wedding...I would get the gasface for that, no doubt. And, she waited until Monday to tell me that the plan was for us to get picked up in SF at noon, and that wasn't gonna happen for me, period.


Also, the last time I was with her family, I got an earful about how this wedding was going to be a three-ring circus, what are they thinking, blah blah woof woof. Let's just say that the word on the street wasn't influential enough to make me want to play hooky. The wedding is at a resort in the middle of God's Country, better known as the middle of nowhere. It's where I spent my last vacation, and about all there is to do there is get drunk, sit by the pool, and get drunk some more. That got old by the second day of a five day trip, and the nearest town is fifteen miles away. The cabin fever was so bad that I rode by bike to town in 90 degree heat and got the sunburn of my life...and, this time, there's no pool, and no bike either.


Bearing all this in mind, I decide to stay home and save face at work, and as a result got into it with the old lady because I wanted to be responsible for once, even if it meant not geting to hang out with her on her birthday in the sticks, with demon rum as my only guide and savior. It's not that I love my job more than her, I said, but they need me and I need the money, so we both make the best of it somehow. Besides, we can't even have sex while we're there since her family is staying in the same cabin, I added. So, I promised to clean the house while she was away, and take her out when she gets home on Sunday. So, she gets to hang out with the fam, and I get the house to myself for the weekend, and everything was cool....


...Until yesterday, when she called me at work, crying, and told me that her grandfather had passed away that morning...on her birthday. I still have no idea what to say about that, beyond...Damn.


He had been in the hospital for a few weeks for a lung infection that had turned into pneumonia. He was in his eighties, and not in the best of health, so it wasn't a big shock- I was sad, to be sure, and I could really empathize with her since my mom died from the same thing when I was eleven, so I've been there before. I asked her how her dad was handling it- not good. Grandma- ditto. I asked if she wanted me to come pick her up, and she said no, she's going to the wedding...but, she has to come back to her grandma's with her dad so they can help plan the funeral. It sounds bad, but in a way, I was glad I didn't go, because I would have felt really awkward having to go from birthday mode to wedding mode, and wrap up the weekend by planning a funeral. I was going to go out and paint a piece for her birthday, but I changed my mind...I'm going to do a tribute piece for her grandpa now, instead. I offered to take pictures of it for her family, but she said that while she appreciates the gesture, her family would probably not be so keen on it....Fuck it, I said, I'm gonna do it anyway. It's the right thing to do. I'll post it here, I guess...why not? It'll be nice....white fill, red outline and 3-D, and a green forcefield, with some brick detail....He was from Italy, and was a bricklayer for most of his life. Works for me.


Even though they'll never read this, my thoughts and prayers are with them. My girlfriend's dad is one of the most stand-up guys I've met in a long time, and I know how it feels, all too well.


Well, beyond that, I'm up too early on the weekend...once again. My sewing machine is on the fritz so I have three bags on hold till I tune the machine up. I have to fix my bike, too- it's all kinds of pissed off right now. The house looks like hell, and it's up to me to clean it. I need to buy groceries and some Strong Drink, and take a bag of clothes downtown to donate to a hurricane relief center. I'm also starting to do some design work on my computer, which is fun even though I don't really know what I'm doing yet...also defrag the hard drive and do some more tape to MP3 conversion once it's running a little faster. And laundry. And shave. Work on shit, fix shit, build shit, clean shit, buy shit, give shit away, take a shit....and if there's any time left over, go write on some shit early tomorrow morning.


Sorry about your foot, Shameless, but it sounds like your night went well enough...zzzz. My carpal tunnel is off the hook, lately...too much to do for one pair of hands, I think. I have a giant bottle of codeine I pour on it, but I feel like I'm on the short bus right now.


All right, all that crap I have on my plate ain't gonna do itself, so I'm getting busy after I get my caffeine on.... If I get that piece up, I'll put it here.

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my homie got his foot hurt (crushed) by a forklift at work despite wearing steeltoes


so what does his employer do? fucking hooks it up.

since they went through the WCB board and his employer doesn't want to take any lti (lost-time injury) on record they lied to the WCB and said they put him on 'modified' duty, ie, sitting at a comp doing data entry.


what is going on, is he sits at home earning his full pay cheque to play poker online, and they are also making his truck payments for him.



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Originally posted by shai hulud@Oct 1 2005, 11:20 AM

Well, I got a whopper for you that will be hard to top.


Damn. Now I feel bad about bitching about my foot.Hope all goes well.


Im still following the docs orders and enjoying couch time and alittle college football. :king:

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