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One of my best friends is a terrorist

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This was posted on one of my homies from my home town on myspace, because he hasn't been online lately. I assure you it is the real deal, I've spoken with him in person since the incident happened, and he's pretty fucking shook up.




Four Sundays ago a friend and I (whom I also work with) made a model rocket launcher. It was something we had started about a year prior and then lost interest in. That particular Sunday we decided to go ahead and finish it and go fire it off.


My friend and I along with my father (who wanted to go to take pictures) went down to the end of the street I live on. There is a large clearing with lots of dirt and whatnot. We figured that would be the safest place to do it. Well, we were wrong. Just as we pulled in a North Bend police officer pulled up. He approached my truck and asked me what we were doing. Not thinking I was doing anything wrong I told him we were going to shoot off a rocket out of the launcher we had made. He proceeded to inform me that what we had made classified as an "Improvised Anti-Personnel Weapon" according to the ATF. He then searched my vehicle and after some joking around and discussion about the design of our launcher, and some idle talk about potato guns, he informed us that he had to seize the item and show it to his sergeant. No charges were filed and no tickets written. The officer just took our names, put the launcher tube in his trunk and drove off.


We thought nothing of it.


The following Friday my father came home from grocery shopping to find two Federal Agents and a local police officer in our house. They had a warrant from the State Department to search our premises and seize our computers and the items used to make the launcher. All of this took place while I was at work.


Around two o'clock my work buddy's phone rings. It's my father. The FBI is on their way to the mill to talk to us.


Just minutes later a full-size forest green SUV pulled into the mill. Inside the SUV were two Federal Agents.


Agents John Hallock and William Soule took my friend and I aside and said they'd like to discuss what happened that past Sunday with us. They split us up and began their informal and thinly-veiled interrogation. They said they "Just wanted to know what was going on" and that "We weren't in any trouble". So, we told them. The officer interrogating me asked me questions about living in Maryland, asked me about my living situation out there, about where I worked and so on. Then he started asking me where I got the idea to make this item, and where I got the know-how to do so. I told him that in the 8th grade there was a class called Outdoor Education in which we made model rockets and shot them off. That's where I got the information and know-how. Then he went on asking me questions about whether or not I was affiliated with any terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, IRA or ELF. "What the hell is ELF?" I asked him. He informed me that ELF is the Environmental Liberation Front. Here I was, standing in a mill yard with him, thousands of dead trees being sawn up, and he asked me if I was with ELF. Still wondering why in the hell the FBI has suddenly gotten involved, he informed me that the property we were on happened to be newly acquired airport property and that we were "risks to national security".


After a while we were joined by my friend and the other agent. They went on for a while and told us that airports along the coast were on elevated security because of us, that we were risks to security, that it was a matter of national security, that we were on a terrorist watch list and lastly, that the President of the United States of America was being briefed on the situation two times a day. Every official in the U.S. seemed to know about the situation. Before they left, agent Hallock said to me "You got your one bite out of the 'Federal Apple', we're going to take a close look at you and if we don't like something we find, we're going to bite back. There are two ways to deal with the FBI train, you can get on it, or you can stand in front of it...and people that stand in front of it get hit hard." Why all of a sudden he was putting the proverbial screws to me I don't know.


At about that point my father pulled into the mill yard and I was excused. We talked about the situation for a minute and agents Hallock and Soule left.

It has been three weeks and four days since that incident, and there has been no word.


I understand that the situation needs to be handled in this manner due to the state of the country and the presence of terrorists in the world, and that realistically the outcome could be an extreme either way. Whether the State Department sees the situation for what it is and not and act of terrorism remains to be seen.


Because the FBI has taken my father's computers, my internet access has been extremely limited.


I apologize that I have not been responding to messages, but it's been difficult to do with no internet to speak of.


If anyone would like to get in contact with me feel free to give me a call. My number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx.






GOD BLESS AMERICA. My boy is a convicted felon, so I'm worried about him. He should have used some common sense though, since he lives several blocks away from a fucking airport.







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fucking wack. Its the goverment wanting to look like they aer actually doing something when they really are just pissing people off and doing nothing

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Originally posted by dowmagik@Sep 28 2005, 11:58 AM

herbivore - he shot out of my car to scare some guys off when we were 18. thats definately a felony.

oh, ok.... i thought you meant he was a convicted felon because of the incidents in the story.

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My buddy is an autograph collector. He collects any autograph, as long as the person is remotely famous. Athletes, actors, and, yes, even attempted assassins.


My buddy sent a letter to John Henkle (sp)(the guy who shot Reagan) to see if he could get an autograph. But Henkle never returned his letter.


A while later, when Henkle was having his parole hearings, CSIS (Canada's intelligence) agents were all over my buddy's house. They, and the FBI, were showing up every day for two weeks straight. Fucking stupid. He even saw them parked outside his gates once.




Btw, this dude got a few pages of Charles Manson's writing. All he had to do was write him a letter telling him that he's a big fan.

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Originally posted by Dirty_habiT@Sep 28 2005, 11:26 AM

I used to build alot of model rockets when I was younger, I was really into that stuff.




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Originally posted by Dr. Dazzle@Sep 28 2005, 01:34 PM

I got asked if I was a Nazi at the border.....you wacky Americans!

Well, ARE you? :haha:


Seriously, though, you can't get model rocket engines anymore since 9/11, unless you are a licensed pyrotechnician. I have a buddy who builds robots who found this little gem out.



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