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HOT BOY: 11 inches deep in your girl

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son, i know i been away a while but its cuz i been in the fuckin lab brewin up the illest shit your puny little fucking mind couldnt comprehend. when you see the fucking wildstyle my fucking mini-skinny shoots out on top of that emerald green can you wont be able to keep up. so sit back and enjoy. cuz nigga, believe me, when i gets to flarin...there aint no stopping me!!!


this is dedicated to all the benchers worldwide. takin flicks. holdin it down on the rails. stay off the tracks. beware of the bull and the 3rd rail. dont get caught trespassing. one word: zoom my nigga, zoom.

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the rest of this is dedicated to my hard core graff headz

big ups. keep flarin up. stay up. keep duckin from the cops. props to sigh, stelth, meth, sneaker 187, viper, lil' spida, nise nsf's for puttin me down with the fam and showing me the ropes, jase, emit, lewis, all of the 3a crew for showing me what it means to be young again, dondi rip, seen, tkid, cap for ruining the 2's and 5's, joker, josh, amaze, 4:20, get high, smoke bluntz, met for showing me how to do the computer rock, ja, setup, bfk, and peace to all the people who paid for my new book. you helped me upgrade from the k (krylon) to belton. thanks.

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get off me. you cant handle me. shaking haters off like fucking dandruf nigga. come see me when you got the technoligy to handle the computer rock. peace to necs and fist for showing me love. big time props going out to spek. i love your style. fuck the europeans. fuck the arabs. fuck the jews. fuck everything thats not 100% american toe the core subway freights.

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