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Pilot Jumbo Refillable Pen - Help

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you can always add on a flashlight for nite time bombing

or you can ass onan ink tank to always make it full and nice juicy tags.or last but not least you can ass on a trigger that shots ink out so when you write with it you can shot ink out to make it also nice an juicy and drippy

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Originally posted by inert@Sep 17 2005, 04:13 PM

What kind of ways can u custimize it?


To show u what it is: http://www.artprimo.com/refillable_markers.htm

look at the bottum where it says Pilot Jumbos





I'm not going to be a dick, just click here, all you need is there, search before you make a post, if you dont, you look like a moron and people will never help you. Maker Modification

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