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Death to el emo


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Oh come on, i think its a bit much to say trends are "never" good. Besides, not that i would cut my hair anything like this, but cute girls with mohawks are cool. What i dont need is guys dressing up like girls, wearing tight pants, eye shadow, and messy hair, that i can agree with. Arnt half of those photos in the Myspace thread?

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Emos just fucking complain. "I hate my mom, she's the one that bought me all this shit for my fag hair, and i steal her eyeliner. And I hate the BMW im getting from my rich-ass dad, it's so not the right color for my fag hair. God, it's just so fucking depressing." Fuck Off already, and bitch pants are for bitches!!!

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aye. unearth is a fantastic band. i hate that i have to pay $20 bucks to see them, but they've been fantastic every time i've seen them. cool guys, good music/mosh as well. the endless ep was one of my favorites.


but that video won't load at this computer lab... wtf. emo and hipster are way different, though i would say that emo 5 years ago looked exactly like hipster-2005.

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^^interesting point. "yo yo yo, my wigger lets missapropriate black culture from the safe confines of our dead end cul de sac"


"hey man, so and so's [insert obscure indie band here] drummer is totally on heroin or something like right now! Are these pants tight enough? ooh a studded belt"

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