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Vagitarians, Take Notice!


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Re: Vegetarians, Take Notice!



I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals.



He was a vegetarian. His parents, being devout Hindus, never gave him meat, fish, or eggs.

"I do feel that spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants." -




"Oh, my fellow men, do not defile your bodies with sinful foods. We have corn, we have apples bending down the branches with their weight, and grapes swelling on the vines. There are sweet-flavored herbs, and vegetables which can be cooked and softened over the fire, nor are you denied milk or thyme-scented honey. The earth affords a lavish supply of riches, of innocent foods, and offers you banquets that involve no bloodshed or slaughter: only beasts satisfy their hunger with flesh, and not even all of those, because horses, cattle, and sheep live on grass." The biographer Diogenes tells us that Pythagoras ate bread and honey in the morning and raw vegetables at night. He would also pay fisherman to throw their catch back into the sea.



"Can you really ask what reason Pythagoras had for abstinence from flesh? For my part I rather wonder both by what accident and in what state of mind the first man touched his mouth to gore and brought his lips to the flesh of a dead creature, set forth tables of dead, stale bodies, and ventured to call food and nourishment the parts that has a little before bellowed and cried, moved and lived. How could eyes endure the slaughter when throats were slit and hides flayed and limbs torn from limb"

How could his nose endure the stench? How was it that the pollution did not turn away his taste, which made contact with sores of others and sucked juices and serums from mortal wounds? It is certainly not lions or wolves that we eat out of self-defense; on the contrary, we ignore these and slaughter harmless, tame creatures without stings or teeth to harm us. For the sake of a little flesh we deprive them of sun, of light, of the duration of life to which they are entitled by birth and being."

He then delivered this challenge to flesh-eaters: "If you declare that you are naturally designed for such a diet, then first kill for yourself what you want to eat. Do it, however, only through your own resources, unaided by cleaver or cudgel or any kind of ax."



"He who does not value life does not deserve it." He considered the bodies of meat-eaters to be "burial places," graveyards for the animals they eat. His notebooks are full of passages that show his compassion for living creatures. He lamented, "Endless numbers of these animals shall have their little children taken from them, ripped open, and barbarously slaughtered."

"I have learned from an early age to abjure the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men."


JEAN JACQUES ROUSSEAU He maintained that meat-eating animals are generally more cruel and violent than herbivores. Therefore a vegetarian diet would produce a more compassionate person. He even advised that butchers not be allowed to testify in court or sit on juries.



STATED the advantages of a vegetarian diet. "It may indeed be doubted whether butchers' meat is anywhere a necessary of life. Grain and other vegetables, with the help of milk, cheese, and butter, or oil, where butter is not to be had, afford the most plentiful, the most wholesome, the most nourishing, and the most invigorating diet. Decency nowhere requires that any man should eat butchers' meat."



He became a vegetarian at the age of sixteen. Franklin said "greater progress, from that greater clearness of head and quicker apprehension." In his autobiographical writings, he called flesh-eating "unprovoked murder."



"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages."



was a committed vegetarian. In his essay "A Vindication of Natural Diet," he wrote, "Let the advocate of animal food force himself to a decisive experiment on its fitness, and as Plutarch recommends, tear a living lamb with his teeth and, plunging his head into its vitals, slake his thirst with the steaming blood ... then, and then only, would he be consistent."

Shelley's interest in vegetarianism began when he was a student at Oxford, and he and his wife, Harriet, took up the diet soon after their marriage. In a letter dated March 14, 1812, his wife wrote to a friend, "We have foresworn meat and adopted the Pythagorean system." Shelley, in his poem Queen Mab, described a Utopian world where men do not kill animals for food.

... no longer now He slays the lamb that looks him in the face, And horribly devours his mangled flesh, Which, still avenging Nature's broken law, Kindled all putrid humors in his frame, All evil passions, and all vain belief, Hatred, despair, and loathing in his mind, The germs of misery, death, disease and crime. The Russian author Leo Tolstoy became a vegetarian in 1885.

Giving up the sport of hunting, he advocated "vegetarian pacifism" and was against killing even the smallest living things, such as the ants. He felt there was a natural progression of violence that led inevitably to war in human society. In his essay "simply immoral, as it involves the performance of an act which is contrary to moral feeling - killing."



By killing, Tolstoy believed, "man suppresses in himself, unnecessarily, the highest spiritual capacity - that of sympathy and pity towards living creatures like himself - and by violating his own feelings becomes cruel."

"A human can be healthy without killing animals for food. Therefore, if he eats meat he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite."



"We stopped eating meat many years ago. During the course of a Sunday lunch, we happened to look out of the kitchen window at our young lambs playing happily in the fields. Glancing down at our plates, we suddenly realised we were eating the leg of an animal who had until recently been playing in a field herself. We looked at each other and said "Wait a minute, we love these sheep - they're such gentle creatures. So why are we eating them?" It was the last time we ever did."

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Re: Vegetarians, Take Notice!



eating meat again has made me healthier because i dont have an iron deficiency anymore.


thats totally me in highschool. i went 2 years with seafood+chicken (no red meat.) i didnt know why i got so sick all the time! my immune system went on an all time low. it sucked. as soon as i eased red meat back into my life i felt better. i talked to some people about it and they said i should of took vitamins throughout that period. sucks.

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Re: Vegetarians, Take Notice!


I eat red meat all the time, although i used to be a vegetarian so i can see most peoples points of views as reasonable. But humans are still classified as animals, and animals, well some of them, eat meat so until we evolve to the point that were better than everything else, which we have a way to go, im gonna keep eating meat cos it takes fuckin delicious. Were still part of the food chain, our position it doesnt mean fuck all to me as to whether we should or shouldn't eat meat, its nature.


...and it tastes magical delicious.

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Re: Vegetarians, Take Notice!


I don't eat meat.

Nothing to do with caring about health.

Seeing how I smoke and drink.

I like animals.

More so when they are alive.





I can tell when i go somewhere and they put lard in the beans or chicken fat in the gravy.

Or at least, my internal workings can tell.

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Damon Stoudamire

Desmond Howard

Carl Lewis

Joe Namath

John Salley

Bill Walton

Martina Navratilova

Billie Jean King

BJ Armstrong


Hank Aaron has been for years, not sure if he was in his prime


Also a ton of professional skaters

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I've been both for prolonged periods of time, and I think I've found a nice balance between veg and meat-eater.



Lately (for the past 8+ months) I've been on this 'I just don't like cheap meat' kick.


It's not that I don't like meat, or that I view eating it as some sort of philosophical debbacle that needs careful consideration, it's that I can't afford to eat the meat I like on a regular basis.


So I eat two or three nice cuts of steak every month, and that's as much red meat as I'll eat.






*I'm also HEAVILY active for 2-5 hours per day (skating, lifting, odd landscaping jobs), and I rarely get fatigued - so anyone who says you need a constant intake of the red stuff to feel healthy is on some nonsense.

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