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omg.....SHUT UP. Wanna grow up a little bit? not talkin to just ONE person im talkin to all of u who make it a point to be a smartass everytime somethings said by someone else. F it. close this thread for real. might as well.


Take heed to your own advice. Noone is being a smart ass, your just an annoying teenager that for some reason cant shut the fuck up on an internet forum. Once again, noone is being a smart ass, people in Louisville get along pretty well it seems like. You just post worthless annoying posts on such a consistent basis that makes an out of towner who enjoys your scene, (like me) want to not look at your thread and possibly throw my laptop. So I can only imagine how the poor bastards feel that live here and have been tolerating your constant degenerate ramblings on here. Leave the posting in here to people who actually have something worthwhile to say, and just shut the fuck up and post flicks b. You will be a way cooler person and wont piss everyone off. Not being a smart ass (once again), but why do you find it necessary to post in here 5 times a day when noone gives a fuck about what you have to say and you can tell it annoys a lot of people that certainly are better writers then you? Look back at the last 10 pages doggie, you have posted 5X more then anyone else and said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Check yourself before you wreck yourself...

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