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i dont reaslly care what any one has to say but honestly i have been involved with graff on and off since 91 and there is a difference from critisism and just fucking hating i wouldnt fucking go out of my way to tell some one there shit is garbage no matter how new to the game they were, unless i had soem alterior motives. Every one is entitled to there opinion but its ussually toys who hate

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if i was so worried about what people thought then yea i woulldnt post shit by me or people in my crew. so many people act like clones on here so worried about the next guy i didnt realize there were rules to to posting sht on the net. any ways im done haters keep hating and ill post more pics of what ever

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color schemes are good, but i didnt see but a few letters either.... might as well move to europe....


you can tell these kids paint mostly walls....


and yea, when you post your own shit, expect to get critisism from the internet haters...


that readable hate and suga were pretty nice

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