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dont get caught on the train


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"Within days, six other victims had come forward claiming the perp has flashed his assets at them, too. Then came the breakthrough: a dozen people claimed to recognize the man as Dan Hoyt, owner of two health food restaurants, both called "Quintessence", and called law enofrcement agencies."


the story



hope this guy gets locked up.

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yeah, how in the world do people come up with these hobbies?


Danny! I was watching spongebob, and i thought to myself "i know danny never has anything to do since his resteraunts are doing so well" and pow, it HIT ME right in the face. Patrick was sleeping under his rock, and spongebob was makin patties, why dont you masterbate on the subway, but here is the kicker, dont do it under your pants, pull it out and masterbate in the open, maybe, MAYBE a chinease or korean girl will think 'hey, i might want to suck on that' and pow. danny, you owe me big"

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