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Kanye West ....humm let me see. I give the man props because he's from Chitown.. He seems to be a nice guy at heart a very religious person and I respect that! humm his beats.. let me see his beats are aight they say he's a "genius" I don't know why can someone xplain it to me? His lyrics are aight.. Don't feel his lyrics that much they lack experience and integration...well ge gets his point across.. and I guess is all that matters without all that fancy lyrical rhyming.. But I have other preferences... Is just my opinion.. Kanye West admitted he tried to steal Dr.Dre's imfamous "drums" but he failed.. :haha: He seems very conceided :king: hey what else can I say.. the man is blessed.

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Originally posted by dowmagik@Aug 30 2005, 10:23 PM

most overrated artist in a minute


agreed to the fullest. Best artist of the year, best hip hop musician ever? What the fuck is this? I can think of a million hip hopalbums better than college drop out.


I mean granted i like jesus walks and two words, and the song celebration i heard off the new album is really cool, most of his albums are cluttered with boring songs and skits.


there are way better artists out there. over rated, over hyped.

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hes a narcissistic egomaniac ..but what rappers arent after some point.. now with that whole rich boy comment.. i dont get it... hes rich...



what rich people cant rap?


that would exclude anyone who ever made a successful album in the industry.



not saying kanye is the end all do all.. but whatever.. ill listen to it... but i also like listening to my nice and smooth, epmd and kmd..

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Originally posted by 26SidedCube@Aug 31 2005, 01:51 AM

Dude didn't even write Jesus Walks... there's a low quality version that the guy who wrote it did years before college dropout ever hit shelves out there. Do some research, look around. That shit was NOT kanye west's idea.



Rhymefest wrote "Jesus Walks" hommie! Rhymefest was his "Ghost Writer"... Props to Rhymefest.... Kanye West is lucky, he knew producer No I.D. . NO I.D tought him how to sample records and shit.. Kanye West is a lucky man.. I know lot's of underground producers that are tighter than Mr. Kanye West ex..9th Wonder or how bout Dj Premier a living legend! Now Premier is a genius.. or how bout Large Proffessor niggas! nigga what!!! ;) ;) Kanye is lucky buy hey what goes up must come down... I like Eminems production better!! Dre did a good job teaching this white boy...!! :king:

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