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e-bay rules!!


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look outside of the fact you have a can in your hand...plenty of ways to get things done...just thought some of the shit would interest some of the people...well at least if creativity and an open mind illude you you could still live up to your name...


p.s. i got my elvis sweat in the mail yesterday, but B.D.s girl thought it was my cum and drank the whole bottle. there fifty bucks i'll never get back.damn. :crap:

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This one time saber was selling some of his special protein shake that makes you become a king. I bought like 2 table spoons and nothing happened. Saber if youre reading this, what the fuck? I thought you were my homie because of that one time i met you at your art show and donated 50$ and you hit up my black book, you only put up MSK but thats cool. Saber you inspire me we should go graffing one time. One.


And this other time i bought a special limited collectors edition krink mop that had a KR label on it. It costed me 200$ but now i can say i know KR, he my nigga. Then i was like hey KR remember that time i bought krink off you? He was like, yeah. I was like me you and twist should go bomb, he was like maybe later, i was like ok ill hit you up i know youre busy bombing, me too. Me and KR is family like that, Yaddimean?


And one time i rubbed one off to a cope whole car, he rocks my socks.

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ok ok ok that just might have to be the last one.....


p.s. i got my cope caps today, and i did at least a hunred perfect throws, but for some reason they all said COPE2. well if ya cant beat em...so now I write Cope too...and dont front B.D. me and Ronie O' Donnel go way back...like before Howie, and Danza...

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No. I'd kill myself before I paid money to post on a forum and have my posts used as material for the front page of the website.


It's bad enough that I even post anywhere instead of something productive.





Except in this case, you'll be going up. That's a McDonald's Management career. It's revitalizing. It's energetic. It's interactive w/opportunity. And, it's unlike anything else you'll experience. If you're lookin' to go places with a place that can't sit still, you're McDonald's material.


At McDonald's we're aggressively changing the way we do business and are looking for managers who have the energy and drive to prove us right. Here you'll lead a team charged with revolutionizing the entire customer experience ­ all while driving a $1.5 million business. You'll manage people. Streamline processes. And even provide front-line, hands-on support.


Profit and loss? It's yours. Talent scout? That's you. Customer satisfaction? Priority one. All-in-all, it takes an energetic, driven individual with a passion for working with people and a desire to take full ownership of a business with amazing potential. The challenges are immense. The pay-off even greater. And the hands-on experience you'll get is unlike anything. Anywhere

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