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The Big Comic Review Thread

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Ok.. so In finally reread all my comics.. every one.. ya'll saw the other 2 reviews, now here's the "smaller" labels


Dark Horse: I'm really not qualified to passn judgement.. as I ahven't read enough.. but it looks like I missed out on some good books.


Image Comics: Overall, they bit the shit out of Marvel (not surprising, since most of em came from there)... masters at marketing, but the emphasis is definately on the art and it shows. The books look amazing. Can't say I like how everything is colored by computers... gets kinda old, but the books still look good. and at elast they aren't afraid to kill off characters and don't worry about the comics code authority approval... now onto the individual books.


Youngblood: The is basically the Image equivalent of the x-men. The world they created isn't quite as rich as the x-men's, but all of the image books refer to the Youngblood storylines here or there. What they have that the x-men don't is less ads and the world is a bit more cynical and real.. they worry about market appeal and such, which is kind of interesting. It's also funny how they have the public hate on the leader (shaft) of the team because he doesn't have superpowers... he's bascially like cyclops w/ out the optics of a girlfriend.


Stormwatch: another x-men type team. not as worried about market appeal and such though.. which makes it kind of dull... jsut another team book. Fuji is kind of cool looking though.


WildC.A.T.S.- ANOTHER x-men type team... i guess they were doing pretty well for a minute.. had their own cartoon and such.... but still not all that exciting... i think they fuight aliens or something.


Spawn- probably the cream of the crop as far as image goes. dope art... good base storyline... doesn't do anything all that innovative, but it's a solid book. Protagonist makes a deal w/ the devil to come back to life. The devil gave him great powers, but they're finite. Once they're all used up, he has to lead Hell's army. If he gets killed, he becomes food for Hell's army. So he's trying to live w/ out using his powers and the like.


Team 7 - Pretty dope book (not surprising.. it's by chuck dixon). It's basically all the older characters from the modern image books (wild cats, gen 13, deathblow, etc) back in the 70s as an army platoon w/ out powers.


Wetworks - Team 7 at a later phase. This is where they get their powers.


Supreme - Also a pretty good book. It's about a character that is bascially like superman. But he's cocky as hell and actually considers himself a God. He leaves Earth for 50 years and comes back to be all unappreciated, so he's kidn of bitter towards humanity and the changes that have happened, but continues as a superhero because it's the onyl way to justify his cockiness. He eventually looseds his powers and has to use Thor's hammer until he gets them back.


Savage Dragon - This has been a character of Don Simpson's for decades. It's a Chicago Police Officer that is a Dragon. His only powers are that he's a little stronger and heals a lil faster than most folks. Doesn't dress up in a cape or anything.


Prophet - Little too much filler for me. I read about 7-8 issues and never really figured out what it's about. I guess he comes from the future to save us from the apocoplypse (sound familiar?)


Pitt - Big Alien type guy that has some sort of invisible companion that just trys to keep some kid safe.


The Maxx - The best image book, hands down. Excellent art, interesing storylines, and actually makes the most of the medium


Union - Alien guy ends up in our world, has powers based on his uniform... not much of a story, but dope art.


Gen13- prolly the most overhyped book. I mean.. it's alright. Plot isn't anything special, but good writing and art.


Deathblow - can't comment much on the story.. it's not a book w/a lot of dialogue. The main character is pretty cool, and th art is amazing (Jae Lee).


Cyber Force - another team book.


Code Name Stryke Force: One of the characters from Cyber Force (Stryke) as a Mercenary. Nothing special... but what's kidna funny, in one of the ads it says something along the line of (no guest appearances, no hologram covers, no trading cards.. still only $1.50).... then 2 pages later, theres an ad that says "next issue, special foil cover).


Brigade - a Youngblood spin off


Bloodstrike - another Youngblod spinoff


Deathmate- This was the big Image/Valiant crossover... too much to keep track of, and there was no lasting results.. skip it.


That's it for image... now for...


Valiant: Overall, nothing is really bad. Kinda of a meat and potatoes comic line. If you like older stuff, you should like valiant.


Magnus, Robot Fighter: Not bad... takes place in the future. Robots rule. Magnus fights them. He wears a skirt.


Turok, Dinosaur Hunter: This ia pick up of an old comic from the 60s, except now the Dinosaurs have gained intelligence. It's not bad... but nothign special.


Eternal Warrior: zzzzzz


Shadowman: a jazz musician gets powers to see if people are going to commit acts of evil.


Archer & Armstrong - OK. Armstrong is immortal or something, so he's madd laid back and just likes to kick it. Archer grew up in a shaoline monastery and is now trying to get by in LA w/ Armstrong's assistance.


X-O Manowar- An Acient Warrior (like conan) encounters an alien symbiote that acts as armor and somehow transports him to modern day where he becomes a corporate mogul... more interesting of a book than you'd expect.


H.A.R.D. Corps - People that get in some sort of special coma get some special surgery that gives them super powers that can only be used one power at a time and have to have a cental computer program what power they have


Bloodshot- some special experiment gives an assassin super powers... pretty gory, which is good.


Harbinger - I think a rogue faction of H.A.R.D. Corps


Off to Malibu..


Overall: Actually Malibu owns Image, but that's besides the point. Where Image is like the publisher for shoot em up books for up and coming artists and writers, Malibu is the older established vets in the industry that never really blew up. The big thing they have going for them is that most of the books are written, drawn, and inked by the same person.


'Breed- This is by jim Starlin. It's about some vet that some vet after a war that spends all his money on booze and drugs and can't hold a job. He eventually gains powers by transforming into some half human half demon creature. Turns out his mom was raped by a demon and he's the offspring. The government is hunting him because he's a demon. Demons hunt him because they want him on their side.


Star Slammers - Lame title... this is by Walter Simonson. Pretty nice art and a great plot/writing. Takes place in the future during a relative time of piece where the goverment is trying to kill off all the Star Slammers. Star Slammers are bascially cybernetically enhanced to have better aim, be stornger, faster, and be psychic. 1 Star Slammer can take out like a 100 normal soldiers, so the goverment wants them under wraps because they're too powerful.


Rune - an Ancient demon/vampire that has cancer or something, he has to feed on special people to live


Prime- not bad. I think he had a cartoon for a minute, and they're speaking of a movie. It's basically about this 11 year old kid who is the result of experiments doe on his dad. He can burst out looking like a stacked Grown man that can fly, super strngth and all that, but he acts like a kid.. so it's sort of interesting.


Prototype - Basically, the Malibu Iron Man. Except he's not noble at all. All he cares about is keeping his armor and looking fgood in front of the cameras so his corporate sponsors give him a raise.


Power & Glory - Not sure if this was a full series or a mini series. It's by Howard Chaykin. The Goverment bascially decides to make their own Captain America. So all the corruption in the goverment is in the story.. and the guy that they chose to make the hero has a fobia: he hates to be touched. That and he's an asshole, but has the right image. Because of embarrassing situation, they team him up w/ the runner up for the program who is a stright shooter and gets the job down.. he even has to dress the part sometimes... a dope book


Freex - teenage kids w/ powers feel alienated (new mutants... but realer).


Mantra - an ancient wizard takes over the body of some broad.. kind of interesting, I didn't really read all that much though.


Dreadstar - this is a pick-up of an old Epic Comic... the daughter of dreadstar. Didn't read much, but Peter David writes it, if that's any difference to you.


Well, thats' it... peace

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i still have my first edition maxx 1-4

and some of the early spawn first edts. i could never get up the money to get all of spawn 1-10 back in the early 90's... (15 yrs old=dead broke) im kicking myself now though... damn...


i am partial to slave labor though, im not a scene kid or a goth head, but i DO really like Jhonen Vasquez's stuff...

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I have spawn 1-10 (except 8, i think)... I will soon be selling most of my comics on ebay

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get the trades for the last issues of Stormwatch where Warren Ellis picks up the writing duties, he turn's the generic Image X-Clone team book into the badass book that would soon become the Authority, and Planetary.


He though the book sucked(which it did) so he took on the job, turned the book into something cool, and then kill of every character which he didn't like(which was just about all of them)

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Damn you got alot of comics. Do you have a library open to the public? lol

I wish I had all my old comics. Some of that shit is worth some loot now. Damn....

I still would like to make a comic book....

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man know what i dont get about comics? every chick in em has huge ass fucking boobs and is just perfect and is wearing practically nothing and pretty much every guy has his entire body covered up to his neck and sometimes his face (the flash for example). please note im not complaining just pointing out.

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