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16th World Youth Festival - Caracas, Venezuela

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So I went to the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students in Caracas, Venezuela from August 7-15. While there, I took several photos, here is the first batch, a lot on this roll were blurry.



Downtown Caracas



More of the City


There was a hip hop summit there, so some of the photos are from that...





"Hi, I'm Immortal Technique, I'm also blurry."


More later

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For some reason i was surprised to see ppl breakdancing in venezuela, how ignorant.


Ps. Immortal Tech. is the fucking cats pyjamas.

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Originally posted by POIESIS@Aug 18 2005, 08:48 PM

immortal technique is...so..



ps-whatever happened to the venezuela thread villain?



i think threads are falling off a cliff at the end of page 3...

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Dillusional youth festival, in a progressively totalitarian style country, with signs asking for the world to let DPRK have nukes...


Sounds great..



Psuedo-hippie jerk off kids should read a little more than Chomsky and Micheal Moore...Wake the fuck up, it's a cold world...all the warmth we can make is'nt enough to change the fact that there are some people out there with evil intentions to take over the world by force, and the fact that a leader will wear any mask that fits to gain support for a movement with purely selfish ambitions...

They're all the same, just with different masks..

And we've tried Marx and Engels way, and it just does'nt work in practice.

So down with Chavez, down with foolish think-they-know-it-all-because-they've-finally -heard-the-otherside-of-the-story jerkoff students and down with the DPRK & Iran...


Fuck all that bullshit~

What the world needs is the lesser of the evils,

compromise is the nature of longevity..

We need a fair unitarian power to end all competion, because THAT is the destructive force which will leave the earth in ashes...and possibly already has.

The grass is always greener on the otherside...but do you know you're harvesting??


Innocence is a result of purtiy, a lack of experience, a lack of hands on knowledge..

and they don't call it the "innocence of youth" for nothing...

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It seems that it would be hard for it to be totalitarian if they allow fox news on their cable tv stations and have gun stores in malls

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H. Lecter, I wanted to say something like that when I saw the "let north korea have nukes" sign, but I didn't feel like typing it.





I've got this group of douchebag "anarchists" up the street from me that are constantly asking if I read chomsky. They just sit on their porch every night and bitch about everything, granted they do some charitable work, but from talking to them it is being done as more of a "look at how much we rich kids care about the poor" type thing than an actual kind gesture of humanity.

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Looks like a good party. I still don't like Chavez, he's another little tin-pot South American dictator in the making. The middle-class Venezuelans despise him.

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