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Korean children and Propaganda

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None of these photos are mine, nor is the text. I was shown it on another forum::





At various subway stations in Korea, they often they are decorated at different times of the year with school art projects. Fire safety, future jobs, home life, technology, and so on.




The theme of this one appears to be "Fuck Japan!"




Yep, "Fuck Japan" indeed.




Bring your friends to the stomping parade!




Rather creative use of combining flag burning and "shitty".




This student skipped the metaphor and went for drawing the real deal.




Korean movies will stab at Japan...



When not being burned or stomped, Japan's flag gets beat down by Korea's flag,



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Korean volcano attacks japan




"From Hell's heart, I stab at thee!"




Those Japanese are pretty sneaky, so it seems the Koreans will need two knives. Or possibly three.




Screw the knives, the mainland will fall when the handguns get whipped out.




Will the hand of God strike Japan down? Perhaps so!






Why all the anger? Basically it's over the Liancourt Rocks. The Korean media decided to play up the issue this spring. And the Korean government rather than be mature about it and resolve it in the legal or political arena (legal being unlikely as few observers hold the opinion that Korea's claim will be upheld, and political resolution has not happened because it is unlikely that Japan will surrender all claims to the rocks), instead the government ordered the public schools to tell the students the Korean view without actually backing it up.

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And this is the result.





It used to belong to Japan, but now it's Korean according to this picture.




Even Sailor Moon is saying "Fuck Japan!"




Someone even tatooed a giant outline of Korea on the rocks. Now Japan can't have them back.




Japan can not reclaim the islands by force because the clouds will stop them.




Though they will gang-beat any Japanese citizens who try and correct them.




They will do that because Japan is a nation of liars.




A nation of liars led by a dog.




It seems that this child thinks that Japan was formed by a rabbit.






And thus ends another happy day in Korea.

There were many, many more. And more upstairs as well. But that is enough for now.



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yeah i read about this awhile back. kids are kids but what the hell was going through the minds of the teachers? the disputed land really is just a pile of roclks in the middle of the ocean.

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The Korean people have a right to be angry. Japan has started making world history text books (for elementary school kids) that claim that during the World War II period Japan never torchered any Korean or Chinese people. Korean people, mostly older Koreans who were alive during WWII, have been hating the Japanese forever now, but the whole textbook issue tops it off with a huge green loogee right in the face.

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Originally posted by CACashRefund@Aug 13 2005, 03:18 PM

A rabbit taking a squat and out pops japan, very funny. Thats the one that made me smirk.


MY FAVORITE as well... creative kids.

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