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Originally posted by shameless self promotion+Aug 11 2005, 01:17 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (shameless self promotion - Aug 11 2005, 01:17 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-Mr. ABC@Aug 10 2005, 12:47 AM



I got the same phone. Its a big piece of shit. Each one lasts me an avg of two months before it dies.. :hatred:



really? i've had mine since january and it's still kicking on strong. not a thing wrong with it. my last phone (an alcatel) was a piece of shit, but my samsung is the hotness

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Originally posted by Seldoon@Aug 10 2005, 11:18 AM

yes. the treo 650 is money nigga.


I got:



moto razr v3 - black edition - personal use

moto v600 - personal use

treo 650 - work use



moto i850 - personal use


bluetooth headsets are gay. but the bluetooth usb computer adapter to download your own ringtones is rad.


the fuck you need all those got damn jacks for? not a good look homie.

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Originally posted by ^ . ^@Aug 11 2005, 03:27 AM

^^that phone is horrible...the boyfriend has it and it's constantly taking pictures when it's in his pocket, and driving mode always turns on by itself...quite annoying


yeah, my brother's girlfriend has that same phone and it goes fucking haywire. it's crazy. it does all kinds of shit by itself, all the menus and buttons have all changed, it's got a mind of it's own now

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I could not justify owning one of these. I've had the same old phone that's probably giving me brain cancer for 3 years now. I rarely use it, and if I do, 99% of the time it's work related. I have the cheapest plan and still if my minutes rolled over, I would have enough for the afterlife of a drama queen.

I am more interested in getting a more powerful computer right now that I can do CG on with less fear of crashing.


Oh, and if you are looking for software, check out some torrents. Every once in a while I see shit for mobiles.

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i saw this wack movie called 'purpose'.. but it had this one cool part.


this yuppie walks up to a guy fishing on the beach in mexico.


he askes the man, "do you fish every day?"


the man replies "most days"


"you should use a net?"




"you'd catch more fish"


"i dont need more fish"


"you don't understand.. you could sell the rest.. you could buy a boat"


"and do what? catch more fish"


"*chuckle* yeah, i suppose"


"and suppose i could then buy a whole fleet of boats to do it for me and get me even more money, what then?"


"well, i suppose you'd fish on the beach all day"

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I have a sidekick2 and its ruining my life in an amazing way.


but really, I have gotten super good at typing with my thumbs. I only wish it had bluetooth, or a funcional usb port. even my old cell phone had an IR port.


I use the internet all the time to find maps when I'm on bike rides, or movie times, whatever. and being able to access email accounts through pop servers is really convenient. at least to someone like me who doesn't have internet at the house all the time.


I think some of the games I've downloaded are at least GBA quality. its fun when I'm playing games on the subway and all the business people think I'm doing something important.


I highly recommend her. the price is fantastic fwiw

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i have a blackberry. its useful for work. im not always at a computer and im running around between different jobs its nice to be able to email people and keep up with clients...


as a personal fone.. its really not that convenient.. also its not mac compatible.. i had to buy a 40 dollar program in order to sync it with my address book and calendar. i havent gotten any programs for it.. but i cant imagine they would be anything but more business related stuff.. like.. yo check my dope excel spread sheets..

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Hi, I follow every fucking stupid trend commercial advertising and the media create for me! I'm going to run down the street in my Nike dunks with my iPod visibly attached to the outside of my jacket so everybody knows which brand of music player I'm using. I don't need to use the controls on my iPod because I've hooked it up to my blueberry using a wireless transmitter. I get a really big grin on my face when people look at me and smile because I don't realize that they're laughing at all the pointless crap I'm wearing.

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