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Movie Recommendation Thread

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Greatttttt movie   

My homegirl made this sculpture.   

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Not only does this movie have a built in drinking game, but it also has zombies, sweet ass rock n roll, a couple hot asian girls, one of whom turns out to be a hot asian boy (/no homo), a moral, and all kinds of other crazy shit.


A must must must see.

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the descent

>(cool movie poster)<


i wasnt expecting much more than a low budget b movie and was pleasantly suprised. not like holy shit i got to buy the dvd good but more like hey this horror movie isnt that bad i might just chill and watch it type. i also watched the cave which is the exact same premise but way better. interesting for films buffs to compare the 2 and see how not to waste millions on dumb backstory and useless boats and props.




Are you saying the Cave is better than the Descent? Cause the Cave was fuckin' terrible and probably cost a shitload more to make than the Descent. I liked the Descent a lot, raw horror movie. Not a whole lot there other than the screams, but they are pretty loud screams.



And thumbs up to Snake Plisken.

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yeaaah im reading everything is illuminated right now



have you guys ever seen that samurai flick that was banned in the 70's

its like this guy and his kid and they go around in their kart and kill like

300 + or so people ? pretty cool

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(after rereading) sorry my bad. to clarify yeah descent was way better than the cave. i downloaded both at the same time and i was suprised at how similar they were. the cave wasted soo much money on ships and soldiers and just sucked, descent did a great job with the budget they had. all i know is that youre never going to get me in one of thoughs confined spaces climbing through shit as a weekend hobby.

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Aye, I watched the Cave a few weeks ago and even though I heard the Descent was really good, I was still a little bit jaded about seeing it just because the Cave was such a bogus film. I really liked the Descent, though. You're right, same concept and yet the one that spends more money and is more extravagent is by far the lesser of the two in both scares and quality.

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Bomb the System

Crash (Matt Dillon)

Dirty (Cuba Gooding Jr)

Down in the Valley (Edward Norton)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Last Holiday (Queen Latifah)

Lucky Number Slevin

Match Point


Sentinel, The (Michael Douglas)

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nah Bloodsport is good (Van Damme makes his master and his wife a fucking cup of tea whilst blindfolded for fucks sake now that is gangster), I just edited my post because I posted a flick and the pic didn't come out right.


More recommendations:







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Also more cool stuff from Bloodsport is when the asian kid calls Frank Dux (Van Damme) a roundeye and also when Frank's friend just got his head stomped in by Bolo and has to go to hospital for possible death or brain damage, we see him a few days later sitting up talking to Frank with a freaking beer in his hand he is sipping a beer in his hospital bed top class humour that guy drinks a beer in almost every scene he is in.

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just finished watching Edmond. really really dark comedy. kinda grim throughout the whole film. like watching someone fuck up continually. you never get to be comfortable with the main character. the ending is disturbing as well. i dont think i got the point so im going to have to watch it again. if you like chewing on glass i guess you should watch this.

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