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Movie Recommendation Thread

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Greatttttt movie   

My homegirl made this sculpture.   

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(or "Running Boy" as some half-wit marketer has so foolishly "romanized" it)

Based on a true story...

GREAT flick about the course of life, paternity and the inate force of the spirt~

I bought it the day after I saw it.. if that's enough said...




"Willie Dynamite"


A classic 70s NYC pimp flick~

imagine if Superfly was a pimp and not a hustler,

twist it, and throw in a different ending and moral..

The only thing lacking is a note-worthy soundtrack~






Great documentary about Hashish production and culture in northern Morocco

as well as the aspirations and plight of Moroccain youth~


c'est chocolat... tu connais chocolat?






(or as romanized.. "The Road Taken")

Based on a true story..

About the spirtual power of dignity and perseverence~

A group of "north-"Korean Communists who are jailed after the 38th parralel stalemate

without direct charge or representation... Gvnt and gaurds try to force them to waive their

communist ways and contract themselves to intergration in the democratic south in exchange

for thier freedom... and so the story goes...


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What's sad is I have every cable channel available, plus I have an account with the local movie chain, plus I have Netflix...and I came on here to find a good movie to order and the good ones are used up - and the weirdo "I try to be different" movies aren't appealing. Three years ago this wouldn't have been an issue....what happened?


Watch 'The Natural'

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Some of the greatest animation scenes I can think of in any movie~




that Buckaroo Bonzai film was pushed on me by the guy at the video store..

he said it was a "cult classic" and a must-see.. his breath made me think twice..

but maybe I'll look for it now~

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i havent been in channel 0 in a while and i dont feel like scanning back, but incase it hasnt been stated... the movie SHADOWBOXER (its out in theaters now) in case you thought of seeing it... save your time and walk in on your grandmother in the shower... graphic old lady junk.. cuba goodings ass... cuba goooding banging old lady junk... and people getting shot in the head... by the end of the movie i wish I had been shot in the head.... i still shudder at the thought...

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the grizzly man


a documentary about a pansy that goes out to the woods and thinks he can live with the bears. too funny to explain any further. im not going to ruin it but my favorite line is from a pilot that is asked about the main character. he is asked why dont you think the bears have killed him? and he responds "i dont know i mean they probably thought he was retarded or something and felt sorry for him."




the descent

>(cool movie poster)<


i wasnt expecting much more than a low budget b movie and was pleasantly suprised. not like holy shit i got to buy the dvd good but more like hey this horror movie isnt that bad i might just chill and watch it type. i also watched the cave which is the exact same premise but way better. interesting for films buffs to compare the 2 and see how not to waste millions on dumb backstory and useless boats and props.



survival island/ three 2005


again not awesome but more like descent, it passes the time without getting boring. a low budget film about a cruise ship that goes down and the only people on the island are an asshole millionaire, his wife, and the hispanic boat hand. they each try to get the wife to take the meat from only them. some weird voodoo crossover that makes no sense but all in all entertaining.

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