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Movie Recommendation Thread

H. Lecter

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I have no movies to recommend seein as most the movies i've watched recently are mediocre.


exactly. give me a break here guys. this is the best I could come up with from my last post probably from 8 months ago.

I've watched so much shit I can't even remember the last time I saw something worthy to recommend

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Frances Ha is my favorite of Baumbach's movies. Baumbach is obviously obsessed with the 1970s, and with Frances he captures our current hipster culture in the film-style of Woody Allen's Manhattan, black-and-white film and all. It's a lovely homage that makes perfect sense. The film is also very funny – frustrating, of course, and messy, and she makes such stupid decisions! – but as much as I laughed at Frances, I found myself directing my laughter inward. I have probably done most of the stupid things she does. Frances Ha is on Netflix Instant at the moment, and it's only about 90 minutes. Believe me, it's worth your time.

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Just watched Captain Phillips & its not that its slow to gather pace or that you know those negro's are gonna be on board no matter what, its the position you get placed in, 1 min you maybe like "bro if thought I was gonna get it, I'd just grab that fuckn gun, fuck it", next you realize why Tom Hanks is Captain & your not, tough he does come close to licking the mustard at the start...OK ... true story...whatever...but you know that truth has just been stretched beyond belief..esp some of the lifeboat scenes...in any case its the first film in a long time that, even though your tired & may wanna sleep, your gonna see it out till the end just like these negro's do.

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this looks really good, viggo mortensen has gotta be the most slept on A-lister out there


captain phillips, man, you kinda hit the nail on the head there. the climax was drawn the

fuck out, yes, we know the pirates get got, and he survives, so bring it on already. they

try and bring it to some kind of cinematic crescendo, where we are supposed to feel as

exhausted and desperate as he was at that point. instead, the exhaustion i felt was

"jesus, when the fuck is this gonna be over already?"


other than that, not a poorly executed film on the fundamental front. the first act was

actually pretty taut, you DO feel the same tension and terror he does. but they loose it.

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I've watched quite a few movies this week.


2 Guns was the last one I watched. It was pretty good. I liked the story line between Denzel and Mark Wahlberg.


Chronicle was ok for an anti-super hero movie where teenagers aquire super human abilities. Could have been better but it was just cool imagining what I would do with those powers.




I love watching animated films (I'm a fucking kid, I know) and I watched two very good ones recently. Monster's University was really good. Also, I'm not sure if most people heard of it but a movie called The Shroods was surprisingly good.



I watched the movie '42,' the film about Jackie Robinson. I thought it was ok but could've been way better.


American Pie Reunion was actually pretty funny and takes me back to the first movie which was great. All the other ones in between were pretty bad but this one redeems the series.



Django was dope. Nuff said



Same with Iron Man 3. Just bad ass





I downloaded about 80 movies last weekend and I've only watched about 10 so far. I'll have more opinions in the future

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