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Movie Recommendation Thread

H. Lecter

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quarantine was excellent, very realistic/scientifically accurate,

i was taking a course on infectious diseases right about the

time that came out and my profesor was recommending it

to all of us.


it gives some very good insight, NOT over exaggerated, sensationalist

nonsense, but a very plausible scenario should we experience

another epidemic ala the bubonic plague or the spanish flu.


sent chills down at my spine too, so it doesnt slack on the enjoyment aspect either..

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i agree rec and rec 2 are much better than the US versions.


I just saw rec 3 however.... avoid at all costs.

The trailer looked awesome basically there is an outbreak at a wedding reception.

there was nothing awesome about the movie though. complete waste of time.

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moonrise kingdom


i love this movie. best described as cute. similar style to the life aquatic so the first 15 minutes are difficult to adjust to but once it gets going its addicting.


boy and girl fall in love and decide to run away together to "go on adventures"









trail of blood

fearless avenger

slaughter in the snow


a samurai trilogy where the main character goes from being a criminal to normal life but when his wife is raped and killed he seeks revenge on the gang leaders


1 and 2 are definitely the best

3 really doesnt have anything to do with the whole revenge story but in itself is still good





the raven


this was watchable. murder mystery based on poe stories




suzuki seijun


Tattooed life



yakuza finishes a contract kill and his own gang tries to have him killed so him and his brother try to flee to a normal life. good if you like yakuza movies







a man that goes insane slowly recalls his childhood that brought on his madness

a bit weird at first but once you get where the present day and the flashback meet it gets pretty good

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good look yo


once again, my girl dragged me to a movie that i wound up liking alot



i was quick to write this off, thinking "its gonna be way too allegorical, probably

boring as fuck". it was one of the most visually stunning fliks ive ver seen in my

life. the story (its huge on religion) may not appeal to some people, but if you can

forego that aspect, its truly a must see

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This is good




it was mad corny and there wasn't enough violence..



actually thats not true, there was mad violence what the hell am i saying. anyways i wasn't crazy about it. the whole idea of a semi homo love triangle was weird, this bitch is fucking the both of you? naaaaaaaah. thoses two were too close of friends imo. and the narration was really hard to listen to. i just really wanted to slap that bitch the whole time. i just can't see the two dudes get grimey like that. whatever though, im not hatin on your taste in movies though. it is what it is, but i couldn't really get into it 100 percent.




salma hayek would get the D though, her daughter too. tag team mayne! thats the kind of threesome i want to see, not some bromance love connection type shit.

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love galifinakis, id check that out. netflix?




michael stuhlbarg (aka Arnold Rothstein from Boardwalk Empire)

plays a jewish physics professor in 60's midwest america encountering

a slew of bad luck and begins to quesiton what its all about.


sound boring? its dry, its dark, but it does not loose your interest.

one of the coen brothers best, i thought that out of 10 nominations

for best picture in 2009, THIS should have won (that, or District 9)

neither would have though, since james cameron went ahead and

bought his ex wife her first best picture oscar for a wholly overratted

documentary-style war film. every critic referred to Hurt Locker as

"a perfect film!" and this and that, and preeeetttty much everyone

i talked to in person was like "that shit bored the hell out of me"


oh well

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