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Movie Recommendation Thread

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Arkansas was dope.  Good rec. 

Finally saw it last night. Lived up to the hype, I loved it.       

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HBO bought the rights to this & they're in the process of 're-making' it





Kid, you lurve docsh!




























































































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Troll hunter




Norwegian film about a documentary crew that follows a troll hunter.

Its kind of like national geographic meets hans christian anderson.

norway itself is beautiful, i'm sure its also cold as shit in the wintertime.

i'm not a fan of mockumentaries with the all hand held bs but they pulled it off with this one.

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^meh. gosling is great though. loved Blue Valentine but i wouldn't recommend it.



i saw this the other night and i enjoyed it thoroughly as a cerebral scare flick




as a scientist who thinks we're way overdue for a repeat of the Spanish Flu, i thought it timely and well-researched

and gat-damn did soderberg get together an amazing cast

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me and my man absolutely LOVE that movie

i've seen it a few times.


when we were headed back from a vacation overseas, this shitty flight attendent was flirting with this insufferable army guy on his way home from duty or some shit. they were about 3 feet away from me and were annoying as hell.

finally the plane takes off and the movie starts.. it's The Informant. and it's a plane where everyone gets the same movie played in the aisles. we are dying laughing throughout it, and about halfway through the army shithead gets all disgusted and throws down his headphones.. he didn't fucking get it AT ALL. couldn't even stand to watch it on a 12 hour flight. made it even better

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