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Movie Recommendation Thread

H. Lecter

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i figured this much, but only after a while. i had NO previous knowledge of this film other than the fact that it existed...


i still didn't enjoy it much at all, influenced by classics or not...


I saw it when it came out and rewatched it the other night.


I think some of the best parts are when he interacts with the pin and tug. Also when he fights the black guy.


Best scene for me was when he was in pins house and pins mom was giving him breakfast.

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Hate on me if you want but I thought it was good. Kinda dark and weird in a sense...well its got johnny depp so of course its weird. I died when they plugged in a part involving Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, i mean even his shirt is the same and his neck like the cover of the movie. ANd the moles we like copies of the Hills Have Eyes. Definitely not a kid friendly movie





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Splurged lastnight and saw Hangover part 2 at the dollar theatre. It was just as good as the first. Go see it!


dont you mean exactly the same as the first?

i dunno man, i laughed, but it didnt really offer much new,

and mike tysons "cameo" was a real disappointment.


sorry to hate, its actually something worth watching once while blunted.

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This flick was interesting... i've just been going off the "Customers also bought this" section on Amazon using movies i've enjoyed. Definitely a weird role for Deschanel, and they should have cast someone besides Ferrell for the character he portrayed.. i enjoyed the movie though...

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^^big will ferrell fan, ill have to check this out..




a very dry british comedy, the premise is that steve coogan, recently dumped

by his girl, instead invites rob brydin on a tour of north england to sample the

cuisine of some premier restaurants in the area. sounds boring? it probably is

fi you dont enjoy restaraunts and impressions of michale caine, woody allen,

al pacino, billy connelly and so forth.


but basically, this is a simple comedy about 2 semi-made celebrities fucking off

for a week, enjoying their semi-fame status, and rapping about where they're at currently.


worth a view

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