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H. Lecter

Movie Recommendation Thread

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I mean I was drunk during the whole Valhalla rising movie but I thought it was murky crap for like an hour plus. Kinda felt like a quick muddy mil for the guys that played in it.


This though, since I slept on it, was actually really good. Thoroughly enjoyed it.




repost ^ I know

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pretty good all around. definitely a story that i haven't heard before. worth a watch for sure.


Ill second this. Twas a good movie. And well..............Demi Moore...Id love that ol gal now if I could. Sexy cougar.

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anything by directors David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, Gus Van Sant or Charlie Kaufman.

It's probably already been mentioned but Sin Nombre is good (about ms13).

Who Is Bozo Texino is good as well.

Also if you have the means of seeing wonderlost, long gone or road to colossus then check those out; all very rare, independent train-hopping films.

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All the reviews were stolen except where noted, but all the movies are dope.




This is a hard to follow mystery sci-fi about a virtual reality game designer who's games seem completely real using bio input. Infact the game seems too real and we (the audience) find it hard to follow which is the real world as they constantly come out of one game into the 'real' world. The characters in the film are not completely sure if they are still in the game either, and as a result the 'game scenario' which is continually designed by the 'collective' imaginative inputs from those in the game resort to acts of violence to survive unsure if when they killed someone whether it was for real.

This is a sad but possible future in a world of total immersion without rules. We have to be careful.


***They plug into a port in the base of the spine and "jack in" to the game... pretty twisted.




WRITER/DIRECTOR: Trey Parker and Matt Stone



CANNIBAL: THE MUSICAL is the true story of the only person convicted of cannibalism in America - Alferd Packer. Packer, the sole survivor of an ill-fated trip to the Colorado Territory tells his side of the harrowing tale to news reporter Polly Prye as he awaits his execution: Searching for gold and love in the Colorado Territory he and his companions lost their way and resorted to unthinkable horrors and toe-tapping songs!!!






Originally in French, this English-dubbed sci-fi animation tale concerns technology turned evil in a strange, strange land.

In Gandahar, Prince Sylvain has created for the past millennium a peaceful culture in which its people, animals and ecology thrived. Gandahar's inhabitants enjoy a healthy bounty typified by liquid blue trees that bear basketball-sized fruit.

This utopia is then shattered by a technological disaster, which creates an automated monster. Sylvain learns he must somehow use time travel to change the course of history and, in doing so, obliterate the synthetic menace. Through his travels, Sylvain meets various mutants, both good and evil, who will clog Gandahar in the future if the past isn't altered. These mutants include a pile of protoplasm named Metamorphis and a gang of creatures that have excess limbs and facial features, often placed in unusual locations about the body.


**I saw this when I was 20... changed my outlook on everything.




A combination of the Old West and the New Testament; a zoot-suited drifter (Allan Arbus) discovers his true calling and begins to perform miracles. What he really prefers though is doing his boogie-woogie song-and-dance act. In his wanderings he attracts many followers and finally gets to play The Palace, a saloon run by ruthless Seaweed Greaser (Albert Henderson). The act is a success, but Greaser's spoiled daughter, Cholera (Luana Anders), his hitherto star, is furious--"A man with holes in his hands is a bigger hit than me?"--and all according to the Gospel of cult filmmaker Robert Downey.


***For the "What the Fuck" movie of all time, featuring a third floor out-house and midget in the middle of nowhere holding a sign saying "that-a-way".




Comic star Bill Murray is at his wildest as America's leading "Gonzo" journalist, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, the legendary underground reporter whose passion for writing was second only to his love of weird chemicals, alcohol, violence and insanity. Along with best friend (Peter Boyle), Murray offers a manic look back at the Sixties and Seventies as an eyewitness to everything from a free-for-all San Francisco drug trial to a one-on-one bathroom interview with then Presidential candidate Richard Nixon. This off-the-wall comedy also boasts a musical score by rock superstar Neil Young.


***A must see, if you havent


dude you fucking rule for mentioning lightyears/gandahar. No one I know has seen that. I'm assuming you've seen Fantastic Planet and Time Masters? Both amazing and by the same creator. I love those old animated films, especially ones from france or the czech republic.

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oh yes, cronenberg (existenz) is sweet.

i usually re/watch films (features,shorts,musicvideos) by director &/or cinematographer...

so anything: scorsese, kieslowski,

jarmusch, paul thomas anderson (& greenwoods score to there will be blood is gold),

wong kar wai, elia kazan (a streetcar named desire, on the waterfront)

aronofsky (to be honest tho, i thought black swan was good but not his best work),

lars von trier, coen brothers, john cassavetes,

korine, spike jonze, gondry, kubrick, antonioni, godard,

truffaut, s. coppola, hitchcock (early brit ones, like blackmail),

kurosawa, tim burton, ozu, tarkovsky, bresson, herzog,

dreyer, bergman (especially seventh seal, and persona,...kinda heavy tho)


of course theres a bunch others outside this list (perhaps theyve been mentioned a lot tho) like: before nite falls, hotel rwanda, the fighter, reservoir dogs, trainspotting, battle of algiers, city of god, constant gardener, life is beautiful, children of paradise, amelie, before/after sunrise/sunset, ratcatcher, run lola run, anatomy of a murder, all 3 godfathers, metropolis (the original), rosemarys baby, apocalypse now, goodfellas, the deer hunter, pans labyrinth,...etc.,...

this isnt a film per se, but 'fishing with john' (lurie) is a great series.

also a j.m. basquiat made a film 'downtown 81.' its really good imo

wish he couldve made more.

im gonna check these out: jarusalema, light years, wonderlost, long gone, road to colossus, if i can find 'em. thanks for those.

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this because its one of the best movies ive seen recently and makes more sense if your drunk/high/or tripping its just perfect.


and this when it comes out



i think its high time there was a coming soon movie thread.

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