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Dark update !


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Originally posted by plankwalker@Aug 5 2005, 09:50 PM

ive never caught him...but i definetly hate on him for the spots hes got or goes to.. ;) good shit though....couldnt pull that off in my city..or even my state..(refering to the holy rollers) but i dont mind his shit.. i would flik it if it rolled past..



well now youve caught him on 12oz , catch him on Myspace , catch him on the flipside, you think the 900 fr8's this year are fake , shiiii catch him on the flipside , there out there people its true! but who really cares 'fr8's are so 97' ha TeamHater main

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whoever said that shit like that was wack because the cars break up is a fucking retard. i saw the s car like 2 months ago for that steel piece when i was in cali, and it was fucking ill, and if you know your graff, you know that shit was steel, and you know its a fucking sick idea. biting color schemes? its called looking at the fucking color wheel. some colors work with each other. that makes hardly a difference if someone else did it. fuck that. he doesnt bite letters often and still, hes getting up like crazy. do you have any fucking clue how many cars he has in that thread. its a large number, so fuck you if you are talking shit. you come on here with more cars than him

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this thread is stupid as shit. freights are only a little bit cool because they get caught and will continue to for years to come. doing something as stupid as this shit soley to post it on the internet is probably the fucking lamest shit i have ever heard of. i can post 100 REAL TRAINS that people in europe have done that blow this shit out of the water. 10 whole cars in a row. not freight trains done in a field in some suburb in the midwest. get real guys. to do some fucking freight train for the flick is fucking pathetic. this dark guy is a fucking lame and horrible at graffiti but i will say hes really good at posting shit on the internet. dark, i know youre reading this, PLEASE do your self a favor and save yourself the embarassment and stop posting your shit on the internet. you dont get respect from any real niggas doing that shit.

and egomaniac, you are probably the first person to actually make me laugh outloud in a long time. hahaa.

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on that same note, painting freights is not "putting in work". painting freights is what i do when im bored. i have done more than 500 for the past 5 years and i dont consdier it "putting in work". i smoke a blunt in the yard. i drink 40's in the yard. i talk on the phone in the yard. i can take a fucking nap in the yard in the daytime if i feel like it. if u can do that shit in a trainyard and think youre putting in work cuz you go in there and paint on some fucking freights then youre a fucking sheltered geek. when i see real panels hes dont on subways or at least numerous commuters then i will respect him and say hes putting in work. when u show me pieces with style then i will give him my respect. when i go to a real city and see him up then i will show him my respect. until then i could give two shits less about some geek on the internet talking like hes some super graffiti god because he can paint something and post flicks of it before its gone anywhere for anyone to see it. thats not graffiti. this shit aint graffiti. on one hand i would love to say i dont care but the truth is i do. this kinda shit makes me sick. but whatever, who am i?

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lets talk shit on the internet ' stay off this thread and everyone else's ............... heres some other threads he's sounded like a dumbass in and made no sense '



...gone fishing... <http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=65983&hl=>


[to me the whole shit is fucking funny. the fact that someone would go on the internet and bump THEMSELVES is probably one of the best things i have ever heard. that shits fucking great. i dont know if i was that pathetic if i could lay down with myself at night. and posting your OWN freights in a thread under some 12oz name to get some kind of internet fame is fucking weak too. i dont think asicwhatever was right in talking game about your "crew" bullshit cuz its none of his concern but he is just stating facts. dont get all butt hurt about it, listen to what hes really saying. take if from an outsider, youre making a fool of yourself scumdog. youre not good at graffiti and on top of that your being super pathetic. then everytime u make an ass of yourself u say shit like "ill beat u up though". u sould like a meathead jock with half a brain. be a little inteligent here and just hear what people are saying to u. u arent shit. im not shit. this guy asic aint shit. but youre coming with some huge ego and doing fucking gay shit. just be real with yourself and Niggas will respect that.





deth/kult walls <http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=65741&hl=>

theres trend setters and followers...death cult is a bunch of fucking followers, jumping on every new style people start doing. navy and eye are all about the whole nyc trend everyones on now and before they were on the whole sf/a2m train style. shits fucking pathetic. i feel bad for the good few in the crew like lions and acne. blows me away that those guys are associated with toys like navy 8 and Tre and atak........




The "Ansiq" Thread <http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=43445&hl=>


been from here to there and never seen one of his trains. if i did i would probably go over him based on the fact that hes an e-geek. they only reason i know who he is is because he talks stupid shit on the internet. hes one of those people that everyone uses as the butt of their jokes, so i suppose hes not good for nothing. and i catch gs on a weekly basis in any state i have lived in. ok u can ban me now.



spreading jealousy.... south bay <http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=63895&hl=>

what the fuck is wkt or whatever the fuck and why are they talking all this big game?

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Originally posted by babyarm+Aug 6 2005, 03:36 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (babyarm - Aug 6 2005, 03:36 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-THEHATER@Aug 5 2005, 10:48 PM







































damn those are some heaters boi !




that first one got that fire main ' shit is smokin hot , holla at cha ninja'

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fuck you aces and eights. some yards are a lot different, and some yards are dangerous, and some yards are filled with workers and bulls, and do people still get up in those yards, hell yes. dark may not be the king at whatever you want him to be, but he is still getting up. freights are harder to some people than you make it seem to be. you saying that just because some train chills are easy, they are worthless and something you do in your free time, doesnt mean a damn thing, cuz any chill spot is easy to paint, but that doesnt mean that the pieces put up in chills are stupid and shouldnt be there. thats like not respecting people who do legals. personally, i think that legals are wack, but i still respect the people who do them, i still understand how much more talent they have then me, and i still know and love my friends who do legals.


train yards arent dangerous? tell that to a fucking train tramp.


thats my rant.

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Originally posted by Aces and Eights@Aug 6 2005, 05:18 AM

  i smoke a blunt in the yard.  i drink 40's in the yard.  i talk on the phone in the yard.  i can take a fucking nap in the yard



damn it must fell cool to be a gangsta '


put your blunt out , pour out that 40 , get off the phone and talk to yr bitch later , wake up from that nap ! and paint somethin' , make that name ring like Dark's ..................... ....... sponsored by Team Hater .....

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could keep this shit open if all them shit talkin fags leave it alone and hang it up that the whole cars are not fake and they just need to get it through there head that dark and his boys are just straight killin it instead of bitching they should out be out paintin thereself instead of hatin on other people..worrie bout yourself not others...

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