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i have a ten gallon tank with almost more "large" rocks in it than water... it only has about 4 gallons of water in it "maxed out"... i keep less water in it because there are turtles in there, not fish... when i was a kid at one point i had more than 20 box turtles living on the side of my house.. now in a new house i have two "alleged" red eared sliders... i use the term alleged because there are many many species of redears and some are good for pet use and stay small-er and some are more rowdy and arent as good... mine dont have normal red ears.. they are more rusty colored... anyway when i first got them they were small like this:




thats actually one of them.. that one was the smaller of the two.. the lady bought me another one the next day because "he looked sad and alone"... the other one was slightly bigger then and is a bit bigger now... they are too big for the tank.. but thats being worked on...


thats a more recient photo not new by any means but they arent tiny there... not that you can really tell much anyway..


its funny to see them this small now all swimming around happily zooming around the tank.. and now they bump around into everything and are fucking massive compaired to then..


i bought some fish for them once because i heard that feeding them live food cut down on the amount of excess waste in the water... another drawback of turtles.. they are pretty messy, they eat where they shit.. so it goes.. i got them this grip of guppies and they didnt know what to do at first... so the fish slowly disapeared one by one... i noticed one of them seemed to have a headache... and arnold was wrong this time it was in fact a tumor...


i can post more about filter and pump issues and how i resolved these problems.. and the great pump i have now... i have a few more turtle stories and info about a MASSIVE sucker fish i ended up having to take out of the tank.. the thing was like a trout..


word to turtles... ill update it with a pic of how massive they are now soon.. i need to clean the pump..

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awesome turtles!!!


love em' i would like some, we sell some tortueses or however the hell you spell it, but they are like 80$ ..... baby's...


here is my tank, set it up tonight, its cycling for the next 7 days, then i will add some ADF (african dwarf frogs) some newts, and some fish..... i might just put some oscars and pirahnas in it, not sure yet.... maybe some balla sharks....





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werd to that tank,,, its madness... i found a photo from when i first got the new pump...





they could clog the pump and filter that came with the starter tank in no time flat... later i realized they are just really messy eaters and i needed a lot smaller food...


edit: i dont have that gay sprinkler bar on it anymore... i think even fresh water would clog those holes eventually...

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im only bumping this because i had to take the gravle (gravel?) out of the tank a few months back because i caught them eating the glass(its crushed tubbled glass).... i was worried at first because the smaller turtle seemed more mellow than normal and wasnt eating... every now and then i STILL find lil bits of glass they must still be pooping out.. one time i found a rather large piece and i felt for the poor guy who had to poo that one out.. there hasnt been glass in there for more than 6 months and last mouth i still found a few pieces... word.



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my homie used to have madd tanks and terraniums (or whateve the hell) all over... kid had a dog, ferrets, a bird, a gazillion fish, lizards and frogs... but then he found out his bitch was fucking some other dude... he, being the bigger man helped her moved out, and the other cat rolled up right after he move the last bit of furniture.. now he's schemin on adopting ol boy's seedling on some psycho tip

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Guest beardo

my brother's got a badass tank. its a big ass old school TV, knobs and all that jazz, converted to a fish tank. shit is too fresh.

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aight bump for all the posts, lets make this thread hot, i would post some images of our tanks at work (i work at a petstore) but oh well here is mine nowadays, finished the cylcing and added 8 fish, 4 neon tetras, 2 black skirted tetras, and 2 traingles....










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These tanks all suck and seem very homosexual :haha: :haha: . If any one has cichlids, triggers, paranahs, or even reaf tanks post that!

Also, pm me if you are in Nor Cal and would like to know about some packs of Red bellys. :hatred: :hatred: :hatred:

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they eat fish... when i got the turts i got a sucker fish to help keep the tank clean... well turtles shit a lot.. so theres alot of alge in the tank... the sucker fish got to be the size of a fuggin trout.. the thing got so big.. but i guess since they grew up together (sucker fish and turtles) they let him be... especially since the sucker fish was HUGE.. no lie it was longer than the palm of my hand.. it would eventually suck the alge off the turtles shells... fast forward.. the fish got so large it was making more shit than cleaning shit.. so i put it in the amazing pond (huge koi, waterfall etc) outside and bought a "dwarf sucker fish" the thing didnt last two days... there wasnt a trace of it two days later.. no body no poop no nothing... when the turtles were perhaps teenagers they killed a dwarf water frog i had named gza... i had gza for like 3 years and he was only supposed to live a year and a half... notice i didnt say ate gza.. only his head was gone the rest of him was still there... sadness... the moral of this story is that turtles may or may not be the most fierce predator of home aquarium life.. they will more than likely eat your fuggin fish man..

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I use to have a nice 40 gal aquarium set up at my last place. I custom built it into the wall into an existing shelf. It looked pretty nice and I had about 6 medium size cichlids in there. Then my tank was ravashed (sp?) by disease.


I never replaced these fish, but my aquarium was still there with the filter running for the next year and a half. it looked nice in the background with the light on.. I just told people my fish went on vacation.


the only picture i could find: not much detail of the fish..





Now my aquarium sits in the garage and I doubt I will ever do anything with it again.

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