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What do you bring with you when you write?


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Originally posted by midas_ups@Nov 20 2005, 07:48 PM


all my photos incase i forget wat i done,

a list of all my mate writers addreses and numbers incase i need to get hold of them,

my 6 black books,

a nun

and a light sabre



and quick escape velocoraptor


:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:


Yeah man me to, except on my list of graff buds i have there first and last name what they write and i stole all there drivers liscenses, you know incase i forgot who writes what.

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-i bring fat people to conceal me doing boms

-a twig to poke homeless

-a nightmarcher torch so the cops can see me extra good

-my hula skirt

-i use my surfboard to get around the town

-baby food

-tampons*(like someone said up there or like a page back)

-a dildo to slap the shit out of people

-a phone so i can report myself

-lullaby music so i can fall asleep at the crime scene after i call

-my baby blanket

-barbie telephone with volume extra loud

-airhorn so if the cops cant see me i blow it a few times so they see me(also to wake up homeless people)

-yes my beef a roni and coco

-a hibachi so i can make kalua pig

-my 10 copies of social security

-5 cards with my picture,adress and phone number


-modeling clay

-some hooked on phonics so i can actually learn another language beside pidgen

-a picture book

-flix of my homies next to their bombs and pieces with all their info on the back

-a picture of a middle finger just in case i forget how to stick it

-a reflector

-reflector vest(actually did a bomb with this once)

-chicken noodle soup

-five humangis subwoofers

-santa slay


-five paddles

-big wheatpastes of my face and with my info(and my homies)

-a freeway sign

-a stop sign to cross the street with

-a penny

-fruit punch

-five cups just in case i decide to drink with the cops


-some retardedness

-hair color spray just in case i need a new look on the go

-amercan flag

-peter griffin

-complete sex and the city

-dora the explorer videos incase i get bored

-a fullsize toy suv

-400 lb punching bag

-my computer

-a christmas list of what i want

-a turkey

-locks so i can lock unlocked doors

-a list of do godders so io can report crime

-my homies from crimestoppers

-my mom

-dice the big fuzzy ones

-a life size shaq cut-out

-a dead foot

-life vest just in case i drown walking down the streets

-rain cloud cause it makes my bombs look drippy nutz


-big speakers and a mic so i can announce my graffiti

-25 foot extensions on a roller so i can do a chest height roller tag

-the whole thanksgiving dinner

-some anthrax

-5 ipods so i can get jacked

-a lighter so i can burn my full cans of paint

-a yellow jumpsuit

-eminem face mask

-my tv

-10 remotes just in case

-scoth tape

-martha stuart dvds

-extra change of bibadees cause all the bathroom are locked at night

-a dog that barks realy loud

-18 canvases

-silly putty

-really big cardboard boxes

-chees n crackers


-big plates

-knife handles so i can do re-enactments of kung fu hustle a few times on different people

-emty markers

-a bag of sand on each leg

-fairy godmother

-mickey mouse

-dave chappele

-a fishing hook so i can reel in some hookers

-carlton banks

-a emty shopping bag

-oh yea i drive a shopping cart

-bam margera

-don vito

-andy milonalkis



-a check list of all these materials just in case i miss somthing :king: :king: :king: :king: :king:

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All I really take is my set of homemade stickers, my 2 fav. OTRs, metallic green, and classic black, and my fav. kiwi mop.


conspiringone- i don't, unless i plan on useing it... but then i've never been caught. and if i was i wouldn't lie. lying on makes the problem worse, and only makes the whole ordeal even longer. so to save me time, and the systems time, just don't lie. if your going all out where you DO get caught, then you deserive to get caught.

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Originally posted by conspiringone@Dec 2 2005, 11:15 AM

yo, do you think it's a good idea or a bad idea to bring ID when painting? cause if you get caught they ask your name and all your info anyways and if you lie and they bring you in you're kinda screwed, so i never know if it's the best call or not



leave the ID at home, you dont want to be makin a getaway and drop your ID...

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