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What do you bring with you when you write?


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i keep my shit in a string bag

usually when im just throwin up a couple tags, i got, a bandana i cut so it has two eyes holes in it so i can cover my whole face, a hat, 3 mops (1 krink, 1 ink squeeze pen, one junobo paint<= good shit) two cans of usually ironlak or montana, some caps, and some gloves

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Complete list:


1. Paint (obviously)

2. Markers (Molotow and Pilot)

3. Cell Phone (on vibrate and password locked)

4. Keys (hidden in my shoe)

5. Money (hidden in my shoe)

6. Backpack for supplies

7. Sharp - ass knife

8. Water + food


I wear either dark jeans and a black shirt with my backpack, or running pants, an underarmour shirt and drawstring bag with a gym membership card to make it look like I was exercising. I'll bring a hat with me in case I go rackin', and a bandana or ski - mask for facial coverage. I throw spare clothes in the backpacks too.

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My supplies are simple

Good tight shoes

Bandana or something to cover face


paint of course

the backpack to hold the paint and my wire cutters that haven't bin listed


that's all haha but wire cutters are great for those hard to get to places or highways with bushes infronta chain link fences

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a skate board, skateboard magazines, skateboard videos, skateboard helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, reflective gear, and extra skateboard equipment (hardware, spare truck, tyres), also curb wax so I can do grinds, and rail slides. I usually have allot of this stuff in my Shorty's back pack that also holds my board if needed.


Cigarettes are a must, a ounce of legal weed strait, a illegal pipe, asprin, my mask, sun glasses, my keys, a can opener, my paint holster belt, about 20 cans, 10 markers, 10 streaks, 50 stickers, my black book, camera, and a scriber


Thats it.

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